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For Sale Fuego 2.0 Turbo track and sprint car for sale.


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Most of you know this car already. 21 Turbo powered Fuego track car. I have owned this car over a decade with Andy Robson (andyquadra)

X-Reg Fuego, not road legal. 240bhp on proper fuel, 820kg without driver. Dry stored most of its life, no structural rust.
Ballistic cruise missile fast.
Several magazine features, PFC, Performance GTI, Retro Car Magazine.
Compomotive Motorsports wearing slicks (2 almost new, 2 need replacing)
Set of Clio Sport transit wheels
Complete, running, working car. Engine mileage under 10k from factory new
Plastic windows all around, save windscreen. Super-weight saving exercise, nothing not required is there. No door internals, no wiring, nothing.

Just had:
Full belt service...engine and box oil, PS fluid, cambelt and alt/PS belts, plugs, oil filter and coolant.
Refurbed gearbox
Lightened flywheel
4-paddle clutch
Brand new brake master
Brand new clutch master cylinder and reservoir
Refurbed Clutch slave cylinder
Brand new brake flexi's (front)
Brand new Red Stuff pads and OE discs (front)
Brand new radiator and 16" fan wired to switch on binnacle, rad pipework altered to suit
Brand new engine temp gauge
Exhaust manifold gasket changed, all exhaust studs renewed
Fully undersealed 2 months ago.

I have done one track day since all this, at Blyton Park last July. Took it to Silverstone for a year-start session last month but took the wrong wheel spacer and bolt combo so only did 2 laps and had to stop.

More specs:
20l Fuel capacity in 2 alloy tanks under the boot floor. The 2 tanks are joined physically but connected with one small pipe so it acts as a baffle.
Jamex suspension (comes with another spare, brand new set, never fitted)
Bespoke exhaust that runs through the tranny tunnel, across the passenger side floor and out the NSR quarter.... encased in a stainless steel box.
Bespoke engine wiring loom, ECU mounted in the passenger footwell.
Weld in roll cage.
Bucket seat and harness.
Rear brake bias adjuster.
Bonnet on pins, lift-off.
Whole front end drops off for transport, quick and easy.
Front end is a lightweight ally frame and parts.
Frontmount intercooler
Swirl pot and twin pumps
What I would do next:
Refresh the suspension components, 2 new tyres, set it up suspension and handling wise. Maybe new wheel bearings as I have never changed them.
Fix the snapped bleed nipple in OSR caliper.
Remake the bracket for the power steering pump. I have fitted a 21T one, but on the opposite side of the engine to OE. It works, but I would make it a bit better with a tensioner system (currently you tension it like a GTT alternator....lever it tight and do the bolts up)
Move the swirl pot from the front near side battery tray, it's too exposed in event of a crash.
Remake the rear window, as the perspex has gone opaque. No biggy, you can just leave it off as I did at Blyton.

Why am I selling it?
Time and money: the 21 is swallowing up funds and time like a fat bird swallows donuts.
Space: I have five cars. It's too many.
Building my garage: I'm about to build my "dream" garage, less time and money available.
Priority: Out of the five cars I have, I need the S60D5 to smoke about in, the 21 and the 9 I am bonded with on a genetic level and will never sell. The Clio is my current spare car/fun car, but once the 9 or 21 is on the road as a backup car, that will be up for sale too.
Thread of recent work here:





Just how fast is it?
This fast: Around Curborough Sprint I recorded a 1m28.6sec time, on pump fuel & 1.1 bar boost, with 7 year cut old slicks on the front and worn road tyres on the back on my first outing in the car in 5 years. Ranking for the day was as follows.
Andy – Nissan GT-R – 1’23.3
Kev – Ariel Atom 300 – 1’26.8
Dave – Renault Fuego – 1'28.6
Meng – Lamborghini LP560-4 – 1’30.1
Russ – Westfield – 1’30.4
Ad – Track Spec Nova – 1’30.8
Chris – Impreza Wagon – 1’32.1
Wayne – Track Spec Nova – 1’32.2
Carson – E92 M3 Competition Edition – 1’32.6
Dan – Track Spec Nova – 1’33.2
John – E63 M6 – 1’33.8
Mike – E63 AMG – 1’34.1
Mike – Renault Clio 197 – 1’34.2
Jana – BMW 1M – 1’35.1
Matt – Impreza Wagon – 1’35.3
Rich – MR2 Turbo – 1’35.5
On 118 octane fuel this car will do 1.4 bar boost. Can you imagine with new tyres and fresh suspension what it might be capable of?
£Offers. If I were listing it on eBay i'd be looking around £2k. Will negotiate if it's going to a good home/I can keep track of it.
07969 014585 / [email protected]
No part-x. Car viewable by arrangement. NOT ROAD LEGAL, so do not expect to be zapping it around. No test pilots please. I do have a V5 and a bit of history from the last owner.


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Still for sale, took it to Curborough Friday and gave it a run. Performing well, when you can get the tyres warm lol.
It's gone to Lincoln. Was supposed to be at Blyton Monday, I assume he went but hasn't replied to my message so i dont know whether it was good, bad or what!
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