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Front Wishbones Wanted


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Pair of genuine cast 21 turbo front wishbones wanted, not bothered about conditon of any of the bushes, but dont want a pair that have rusted to pieces so pics would be nice.

Steel pressed are txi jobbies aren't they?
Interesting is that 5 diesel models also used the cast steel front wishbones, part number matches up to the turbo exactly.
Nope, earlier Turbo's were fitted with pressed steel ones. later phase 2's and phase 3's as a general rule had cast.
These cast wishbone's appear to be hard to come by and seem to rust away on allot of cars, I need a pair to get my quadra finnished among other things.
Wonder how much for new??!!:eek: (If their not N/A!!)
The cast wishbones are few and far between, but will never, ever rust through in the life of the car, ever.
How much for a pair of pressed steel wishbones Dave, I'm sure GSF or eurocarparts used to sell these, but searched today and found nothing :( .
Do these come with the correct grade of bushes as well?
I might try see if I can clean mine up then but they had nasty great big flakes of rust falling off them! A bit strange cuz the bodyshell of the car has'nt got a spot of rust on it? It only has rust on things like odd brackets in the engine bay and suspension parts?? I think it might be down to living in a heated garage most of it's life and being put away wet.
Do the cast wishbones have any advantages over pressed steel ones???
Don't worry about the rust, just beat if off with a lump hammer. Seriously, they wont break, I've never ever seen one rust through, ever, and i've seen some amazingly bad cars. Its only surface rust. If youre that worried chip it all off and paint them with primer and a topcoat to stop it happening again.
Yep, Thats the plan! Gonna beat off the flake's. Rust treat em then paint em up n fit em with new bushes, Job done.:cool:
Thats right, which is exactly the reason I came asking on here, no way I would pay anything like that amount.
Well, my investigation came out to twentysomething quid a side, but I need to buy a pair to make sure they are the right ones. Currently i am uber-skint so you'll have to wait lol

The ph1 sump gaskets look useable though, quite a bargain at a fiver a go as opposed to thirty odd from you-know-who!
The arms will be the same, but the bushes wont - trust me, Ive been bitten hard by this too many times.

GSF/Europarts etc etc etc Ive been and bought em - never again.

Find some used ones, get em off to a poly bush supplier they'll defo have summat in stock to fit, then paint em up and refit - lovely!!!!

The bushes in the Turbo were something along the lines of semi poly hence the extra expense - daft tho, in October last year I got quoted ?67+vat inc the ball joint lol
The wishbones would be bushless. I wouldnt sell em with underrated bushes.

You can find your own bush ;)
Renault sell the bushes on their own, the front bush is around ?10 and the rear bush around ?20 mind you these prices are a bit out of date, the entire cast wishbone with bushes and balljoint was ?67 at the time!
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