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Front Brakes



Man! can't believe all the old forums are dead! Need to change my brakes ASAP and was gonna look at the old topics and discussions on the best brakes to get! Oh well.

I need new front discs and pads. I have always used drilled and grooved vented front discs from Sejoc in Essex and also Greenstuff pads. But I seem to remember that in one discussion someone said that Black diamond disc were very good?!

Also do I get just drilled, .. or just grooved... or both again? Any suggestions and also where to get the discs and pads?

Sorry to open the question again as I know it's been discussed before.

Matt (mem 63)
Old forums.....

Hi Matt,

Sorry about the old forums, they disappeared due to circumstances beyond our control, we are doing everything we can, to at least get these back for reference purposes. Lets hope network54 can help us!!!! :)

Front brake choice.....

Hi Matt, having had experience of different brake set-up's, I have found that the best combination by far is.....
1/ Black Diamond grooved front discs (drilled NOT recommended for road use and have had a set crack on me :cry:
2/ Pagid Fast Road front pads......these pads are the dogs danglies and with little to no fade,high speed braking leaves you with a look on your face similar to this.. :shock: !!!!

I swear by this set-up,having used it on track days and normal road use.
I found the Greenstuff to have a 'wooden' feel and didn't really give any feedback,which in turn led to a lack of confidence.

Having also recommended this set-up to other club members,the overall result was a good one,with (as far as I know) them being pleased with the end product.
I'm unsure of the part numbers for both items,but i have them around somewhere.
P.S I got my bits from Demon Tweeks.....nobody could match the price!!

Cheers Roj (21 TOC Technical)

Tarox 40 groove discs and green stuff pads were the ultimate performance combo imo, really had to drive em hard to see any fade.

Still havent found a combo I cant make smoke though :p
Tarox 40 groove discs and green stuff pads were the ultimate performance combo imo, really had to drive em hard to see any fade.
You really are a tramp Sibley :D every man and his dog know that Greenstuff are in fact POO!!
But then if ya discs are made of sandpaper, they're bound to be good....when ya braking with a block of wood!!!
Gypo braking power rules!!! :D
No talent.

Kiss it truck boy.

Green stuff and 40 grooves kick ass, each to his own anyway. Yours dont fade cos your car dont go fast enough in the first place pmsl!!! \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/
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