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FRENCH DAY..........



Is almost upon peeps, and despite my car taking a backward step in appearance, I really cant wait........ :D :D

So come one hands up, who's planning on going/coming :wink:

And if you are get a convoy-esq thing going on with other members near you, its handy if you break down lolol

should be up for it, need to nail the time for us southerners to meet up at toddington.
might be going

is anyone going down the m6 on there way there??
dave are you going??
Hi Matt and everyone else too.

We are going this weekend too....Sarah,me and the kids :)

See you all there.
John in berks $ Si

What time you lot going to be leaving for Bruntingthorpe :?:

John wherebouts are you in berkshire mate :?:

I wanna be in the ground by 8 latest, so realistically we gonna have to meet at services around 7am methinking... :shock:

Phil, unless I work Sat night to get more funds for the day ill probably be in Reading with Gayboy Primer car and his chum......I think ill be having Pizza and Martini with them lolol :D :D COSY EH????
Oil ring you on Friday all being well......

my bloody mechanic!!!!

my cars not finished yet an my bloody mechanic has the bloody cheek to bugger off on the holiday hes booked if i was paying him id sack him lol craig lyndon or anyone else if you see my father in Wales bring him straight back PLEASE !!!! LOL but she's starting to look so much better under the bonnet thanks DAD!!! hope it rains all week in wales and you have to come home early (how selfish is that ?) but ive got wivdrawrals n verbal dia (the Squits cant spell dia u no wot i mean ) ill get me coat then! bored nufink on the box of sarf east London so to cut a long story short I WONT BE THERE! BUGGER
si21 PS Dad didnt mean the rain thing LOL :cry:
Martini is for Poofs

Oil speak to friday then Lee :wink:

Anyone else going round the M25 past Heathrow :?: :?:

got the T2 running SWEET - at last

so the Turbo 2 will be there and poss the quadra ;) if N wants to drive it

cant' bloody wait - need to put some miles on the Turbo 2 and the quadra

see ya all sunday
Hi Phil,

I'm in Bracknell, what time is everyone in the south meeting and where? I've got a few mates with pugs joining the convoy aswell (don't worry they'll be at the back LOL).

Hello John mate, :D

Looks like were aiming for about 7am at a service station. Look out on the forum for times and things. If you want ring me on the mobile on 078816 40336. :wink:

Your only up the road from me used o live in Hollands Park in Bracknell but that was a long time ago :!: :!:
Hi Phil,

Sounds good, nice and early. Think I'll get the brick out the boot for cruise control, so I can have a kip on the way up LOL


All being well im leaving home at 5.30-6.00 meeting up with Smallboy Stu21, then round to m25/m4 where ill hopefully see Paul, Andy, Phil and yourself John.....Paul and Andy are in Reading btw..

Then its on upto the services for kwik cuppa and onto Bruntingthorpe...

CANT WAIT :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D
toddington services

hi lee and all,
should be at servuces between 7.00 - 7.30 hope to see u there

should be great
cant wait till sunday.

see u soon
Hi guys,

What time are the guys from the Reading area meeting and where??

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