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Sarah21t xx

To get into the French Car Day you WILL need Club Passes, please can you email me if you are definiately going so I can email you the passes to print out and bring along with yourselves. I will print off more than needed incase people forget or more 21t's turn up. :)

Also if you know of anyone that is not on the internet that has a 21t please let them know about the French Car day as that would help me out no end. Cheers :D

The Clubs are allowed to make entry from 8am and it is open to the public at 9am. So if we all get there early enough than you get first picks on sales 8) .

If it's a nice day, why not bring a disaposable BBQ and some food. :wink:

Between now and then have a very good week and I'll see you Sunday. :D

P.S Don't forget about CLUB PASSES. :x

Hi girl,

Can ya mail me 4 please honey? Me, Paul, Andy Weller and maybe 1 more turning up ta :lol: :lol: :wink: :wink:

One for me please. the 11 is misbehaving, so looks like the 21 is out to play after all..... 8)

is it one per car or one per person :D ,anyway two people one limping but very well polished 21 passes please. cheers jon21t
can i have 2 people passes or 1 car pass, provided my ph2-ph1 clutch conversion gets finished :(
Hi guys/gals,

I have emailed you all a Car Club Pass. :D

Its ?10 per person to get in and under 11's go FREE :D

You only need one Car Club Pass per car, its just so you can get your car through to the Club Stand, without it, it's the Car Park :(

I shall be printing more off incase :D

Any problems with the email, let me know, other than that See You All Sunday!!!!!! Remember if you know of anyone with no Internet access, let them know about it!! Helps me too!!! Cheers :D :D :D :D :D :D
Hi guys,

Craig and Johnvad21 can you email me on: [email protected] so that I can send you the passes as my email has been rejected with what I thought were your email addresses. :( I may just have a slight error some where. Cheers guys. :D
Hi lads/lasses,

Sorry matey's, slight misprint by myself :oops:
Yes, under 14's free and ENTRY to club area's are from 8.00am. :lol:
Open to the public at 9.00am. :D
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