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For Sale Forged Megane R26 230 F1 Liquid Yellow No.229

Rik Quinn

New Member
Hi guys, I'm putting my Meg up for sale soon as its come to the time after nearly 6 years of owning it to buy a family car. The car is forged, has 630cc injectors, airtek cooler, 3"milltek stainless exhaust and decat throughout. Ram Air induction kit, forge dumpvale. It was remapped by rs tuning in Leeds. Lots of other bits and bobs as you'd expect for the figures it pushes. I have a print out for 305bhp and 326ftlbs. It's in need of a turbo refurb as the seal is leaking (£280 from midland turbos is the quote) it's as clean as they come, few ages related niggly bits but it never put me off buying it as they were there when I got it. Its been wel looked after. Any enquiries please don't hesitate to ask. I have a lot of paperwork with this car too. Rik



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