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ford owner dont shoot!!



Erro every body peeps :D

I come from a club called Fordsport

A couple of years ago some of your lads came up to one of our trackdays, I had an e-mail address for the organisor, but my old PC died a tragic death and I lost it :oops:

is it the same chap? is he on here? if not? can someone tell me who it is?

I than Q :wink:
Hiya matey :D

It was me :wink:
I seem to remember it being at Binbrook Airfield and was organised by Javelin Motorsport (correct me if i'm wrong!!)
I came up in my now deceased (R.I.P Bob) Grey Ph1 21T with my mate in his Mk2 Escort RS2000.
Later on followed Rob Gray,Kev Carrington and the legendary 'Fajqoir' for some full on quadra abuse!!!
Had a great day and the photo's that I bought on the day were superb.
Maybe we'll have to hook up again sometime??
My wife Sarah is now the official club events organiser,but theres nothing stopping anyone else organising a meeting/event of their own.
Mine/Sarah's email address is [email protected]

Roger (07974 657586)
In that case then mate, i'd ask that you check my post in your events section ;)
is that you Gary?? its lyndon,, i contactd you through Nigel of the renault sports club,,, good to see you here bud,,and thanks for remembering us,, its much appreciated
lyndon :D
Hi Lyndon...yes mate it's me :D

I thought it wasn't roger I spoke too :oops:

Anyway I've e-mail'd him with the details and posted in the event's, as ever your more than welcome bud!

I'd invite the Reno Sport Lot, but they'd probably wimp out again :lol:
Well i'm not 100% sure, but a mate of one of our lot has somthing to do with a R5 GT OC and there comin, is that the same lot?

I know I couldn't get on one Reno BB when we did that Thrash up at Binbrook!!
yeh,,the 5gttoc changed to rtoc a while back,so hopefully they know about this if your mate has contacts,, a few from rtoc are visitors here so ime sure the word will spread anyways :)
Its news to me ??? Wanna send me some more details, i'm up for a track day :D Can post it on our boards if you want.
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