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Feel like s**t


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:( Last night my car was broken into. Taken my incar TV, my radio and my snooper. Not that bad but theyve really butchered my door around the handle so the door is f*****! Which means Ive got to replace the door, which means Ive got to have a full respay, which means Ive got to do all the bodywork, which means my full engine rebuild has got to go on hold. The one good thing is that my car gets a fresh new look. Im thinking a blue colour- imperial blue what do you guys think? Also has anyone got some 357 injectors?
Unlucky mate. I know the feeling. I had my drivers door frame bent out 3 months after a respray. Didnt even take anything, they were scared off by the neighbors.

:shoot: :shoot: :shoot: :shoot:
Gutted for you mine was done a couple weeks ago but they wanted the car not the stuff in it, luckly i have a spare door for mine.
Gutted for you mine was done a couple weeks ago but they wanted the car not the stuff in it.

The stereo must have been sh*te if they wanted to take the car instead :D

All the same on a serious note its not good and the people involved want hanging from a tree by their ball sacks....:shoot:
What colour is your car matt - oh, and which door? i should have both front and rear passenger ones coming up soon... pretty damn good nick besides a few nicks and scrathces... NO rust at all.
I had the front of the headunit in the house, they didn't touch my cd collection in the car or take any money.

The thing i find really weird is they WANTED to take MY rusty, wonky, and smokey car for a joy ride. Go figure that one out.:confused:
Innit, i think they'd have been off in my quaddie as well. I'd have been gutted. Probably a good job I wasnt about, kept a claw hammer close to the front door :shoot:
Well thats it isnt it... how many of these 12 year old chavy glue-sniffing asshole of the universe theiving little feckers know what a 21 turbo is?....

mine got done about a year ago now... knicked the TV screen head unit... only realise 6 months later they yanked it out without the convertor.. which you would NEED - it was a hong knog job off ebay!! :clap: :clap: SUCK ON THATS C*NTS
My car is one-off purpley blue (hence going for full respray) been thinking about getting respray for a while. The trouble is when you start messing you end up finding more and more work to do. We just fully rebuilt my mates quaddie, Escort mk4 arches front and back smoothed doors, one off bad boy nose cone, cut all the rust out behind the rear qtr glass, patched the n/s sill, replaced the o/s, patched the boot aperture and then he had it resprayed in the limited edition Peter Sollberg Scooby blue. Does look nice, refurbed the wheels in graphite grey and now it looks proper sick. Apart from the piston melted the liner or something (havent spoke to him for a while though).
Anyone over here done a one pice front end? I know its been done in Belgium I think. Anyone know to any different back bumpers other than those add ons?
You SURE its a one-off mate? - Renault Sport Blue is like the Raider blue on the GTT's - lots of different shades, some of which look quite purple in sunlight.


Personally, I'd g for the engine re-build still.... at leat you know the engine SHOULD last a bit longer than a door with a few dents etc
No mate its definetly one off coz I had it resprayed where I used to work about three years ago. I was originally going for the standard sport blue with a pearl gold over the top but they persuaded me otherwise. In the end I just said as long as it had sport blue as the base I wasnt bothered what they did. They ended up putting a pink pearl all over the car and a light blue pearl on the door tops, coz it was waterbased it sent the car purply, when its wet its violet. As for the door it looks like they used a tin opener around the drivers door handle, Im still going to get my engine rebuilt but just using standard Renault parts. I owe it to my baby now, Ive let her down once and shes come off bad now its time to make it up to her.
Fair enough mate.

Get some pics up, sounds like a funky-ass colour :banana:

I know how you feel, its bloody demoralising... take it for a good fast drive tomorrow, that'll renew your confidence and cheer you up :)
yes it is quite trick, but when someone ends up butchering your door, its easier to have the whole car resprayed than getting a bodyshop to blend it in. This time im going for a standard paint job but from a different car like my mate did with his quaddie.
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