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FB likey linky no worky

TNT Andy

Well-Known Member
Just to let you guys know, I've 'liked' this site through the main page and it has not posted up on my FB page for some reason. Is it just me? You know how I like to promote the TR.
Still no worky from my pc - and to be fair, I wrote an amazeballs piece, and like any genius work of art, can never be repeated.
OK - still nothing.

Let me run this by you.

If sharing via FB, click the FB icon, type in your comment then press the 'add comment' button, the text dissapears and you are back to sq 1 but the 'like' number should have increased by 1. Does this happen immediately or is there a 10 second wait???
Should be immediate Mr Stott. You did exactly what I did . .

Have you assosiated your account with facebook ?
It's now working Andy - I have liked some pages I've not liked before and it seems to work. It posts on my FB personal page but not in my home page, I wonder if lots of people can see this or not?

Chrome BTW
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