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Fast Lane Show (Corbridge) - Sunday 11th May


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Hi folks,

I've been in touch with the organisers of the Fast Lane Show regarding us have a club display/stand there. For those that haven't heard of the FLS, it's evolved from a couple of 'Supercar Sunday' meet-ups they used to hold a few years back, which has since somewhat grown & became v popular, hence has now become one of the North/North East's biggest car events.

More details about the event etc here:

The organisers have replied and said they'd love to have us there :) It's free entry, there's a Concours competition (which is also free to enter), plus there'll be plenty of more exotica metal present to cast your eyes over.

The event takes place on Sunday 11th May at...

Tynedale Rugby Football Club Limited,
Tynedale Park,
NE45 5AY.

They've also said that if anyone is travelling from afar, they'll happily sort an area for people to pitch up their tents for the Saturday night, or alternatively, there's several cheapy B&B's in the area.

If you're travelling to the event on the day itself, cars are allowed entry to the show area between 8 - 9:30am, and all cars must be parked up & in place by 10am sharp. Concours judging starts at 10:30am.

Our club entry form has to be submitted to the organisers by Saturday 12th April, so to play safe, the cut-off date for adding your name to this is Sunday 6th April. (I'll need to know your full name, car model, and reg' number, but I'll send a PM for those details Sunday 6th onwards).

If you fancy it, could you add your name & car below, and please mention if you want to enter the Concours competition, and/or if you need a camping pitch for the Saturday night...

- Mart & Bekki (5 GT Turbo).
ooh bugger that is just up the road from me but I think I'm working :eek: waaaa

If I'm in the country would love to go
Great find to tie in to our trip to the North East. As me & Bekki are having a date with Katy Perry on the Saturday night it's good you boys will have some play time. Not sure we'll be in a suitable state to get up early Sunday though! Lol - looking forward to it & the first official Turbo Renault event. Be interesting to see what other clubs turn up...?
I put my name down in the other place for this, where there are currently just
3 names (including mine). I'll certainly be in the area with the Laguna Coupé, and
I'd like to attend. Either way, very few shows have enough Renaults on display,
so I feel it's important to support initiatives like this.

Steve, without wishing to sound like I'm 'poaching' or anything like that, you're of course more than welcome on the TR stand. We have a great selection of cars going (GTT's inc' convertible, Raider, 225 F1, R26, Clio V6, and hopeully a s/c 182 and Turbo2), and would be cool to have a more-modern breed of Renault Turbo motor on display as well :)

Likewise, it'll be nice to put a face to a name too :drinks.gif:

I have to submit our entry form in a week or so time, so let me know if you're up for it.
Any further info Mart? Like, are we meeting up outside somewhere and going
in as a short convoy? If so, where and at what time? Will you be posting out
our access creds?

Looks like a clean run of 75 miles M6 / A69 going and a grubby 54 miles back
via A686. I hope Cumbria isn't going to treat us to its version of "light showers"
that day :)

Hi folks,

It's all still game on, so panic ye not ;-) This is what's what so far...

- We have to arrive 8 - 9.30am. 9.30am is the cut-off, because...
- Gates to joe public open at 10am, hence we all have to be parked up & in position by then.
- Stand passes & what not will be handed to us on arrival. Likewise, we'll be shown where to park on arrival.
- For those entering the concours competition, you still park with us on the club stand.
- In terms of leaving, the organiser has requested we at least stay till 3pm. If the weather is nice/turn-out is good, he'd be grateful if we could stay later. I'd probably imagine the show will be done & dusted by 4/5pm, so go on the basis of around then being hometime.

As for meeting up, it's probably just easier to meet at the gate/on the stand. Shall we say 9am sharp? @LowiePete I'll PM you my mobile number incase you get held up en route/turn up after we get there. If you're there before us though, just mention to the guys on the gate you're on the TurboRenault stand, and you'll be pointed to our display area.

I'll contact everyone going a couple of days before the event, just to make sure all is tickity boo :]
Pah, driving to an event is half the fun, even if it's the other end of the country :D

If you fancy it, I'll happily sort you out some local cheap digs for the weekend. Treat the missus to a dirty weekend/shopping trip in Newcastle on the Saturday, and we'll join you for some beers in the evening (y)
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