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Exhaust Supplementary Support ???

TNT Andy

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How many of you have got the downpipe supplementary support missing and it's one of those niggles at the back of your mind that just won't go away?

And the newer bigger downpipe wont fit the existing support which you removed years ago.

Well Dave Reed has the answer and I bought the exhaust off him some time ago which is now on the car, and after a bit of jigging about I think I may have the ultimate solution which is both easy to do and costs less than a fiver.

I'll post up with some new photo's later this week.
Never used one with my big jim downpipe. Its been fine, has a small amount of damage but i did ground the exhaust out solid on the drive. Stop panicking ;)
We all have this bit under our car


It's the bit that bolts your engine, via the rear engine mount to the car

What I did was weld a ZEB,
I snapped the spring off before welding in place......


There is a hole conveniently already drilled behind this also.

Next you will need a piece of M8/10 threaded rod, 4 nuts, 4 washers and some locktite, and again some more heavy gauge steel to make up the rest of the bracket.

Before welding stuff to your exhaust make sure your exhaust is fitted correctly, not blowing and you're happy with its position. Once your're happy, start fabricating your bracket so that it slides over your threaded bar and is strong. Start by tacking one piece at a time in place until you're happy with the final set-up and then take the downpipe off and fully weld it up.

Now looking under the car



Now I know this conforms to my shit welding skills, but believe methis is strong, the odd bits of weld here and there are put in strategic points to add strength.

Dave Reed did supply this exhaust with a slightly different bracket welded on with a rubber bobbin exhaust mount inbetween the bracket on the car and the exhaust, but I've ripped 2 of these in half now and can't see why this should not be solid mounted. The bracket the thread goes into is bolted to the engine, not the car body.

Hope this provides a solution to someone - where oe can't be used this seems like the most practical solution.
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