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Evo 6 Money Pit

Nice mate always liked these but a money pit as you say my s3 is a money pit spent 7g on that and that's with me doing all the labour different league to the r5
Exactly. Big price but worth it. Meg clutch was £1300 , but shouldnt have to replace for a fair while , then just the friction plate.

Mart will be along any minute I am sure to advise you of the error of your ways regarding forging ..
Soz mate, just seen your questions...

Bottom-end is an unknown quantity when it comes to how much power it'll take. When I first got my 6, everyone (well, on the MLR) was saying that 350ft/lb was the limit, then a few years later, 400ft/lb, then 420, and so on.

My 6 was running ~420/400 (E9gt blower in situ), plenty of track 'abuse' over 6 years of owning it, and was still running sweet as a nut the day I sold it.

Truth be told, I've never subscribed to the 'torque kills rods' spiel. A substantial increase of torque at low rpm may induce rod stress/weakening over time, but I've personally always believed it to be high rpm and/or detonation to be the main reason for rods failing.

Certainly keeping all my GTT's and the Evo the happy side of ~7k rpm has equated to never suffering a rod failure (or bottom-end in general).

Those '4 bolts' can also work loose & cause those symptoms, as opposed to snapping off completely. Did you check how tight they were? They can also stretch, so I'd replace them with 12.9 tensile bolts & Loctite (270, 290, something like that) them in situ anyway. At least that'll defo eliminate them from the equation.

If all ok there, I guess cv joints & wheel bearings are the next items to check.
Haha, I knew you'd comment on that ;) :D

I saw your comments on that MeganeSport FB thread, and was tempted to 'like' your comment about torque killing rods, but not sure if you'd 'bite' or not :D (and I couldn't have replied back anyway, as I'm not a member of that group).
At my old job a fox used to come into my office and sleep under the radiator at night. I also got a friendly squirrel eating out of my hand.

It got boring working 12 hour nightshifts :D
Ok sorry to bring this back up I am now really confused, I have now got rid of the right hand noise which turned out to be lower balljoint n/s/f. I am now suffering with another knock but this one is a slow rational clunk that only does it at slow speeds on left turns only,
I have replaced on the front end,
Wishbones and bushes both sides,
hub bearing both sides,
Drop links both sides,
track rod ends both sides,
Both drive shafts have been replaced,
coilovers were new 1000 miles ago if that mileage to be honest,
front Transfer case has been checked and fine,
I have also fitted the following to the rear aswell
New rear upper arm's
new upper arm ball joints,
new droplinks,
coilovers as above,
Rear evo 9 rs diff conversion with shorter prop shaft,
I will add 4 wheel alignment has been done,

small video attached and I apologies for the video skills it's just on the mobile whilst driving. you can here the knocking any thoughts???

now I have arb bushes still to do but I haven't done these yet as it's a real pig of a job to do,
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