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Everyone please read.........



Hi all,

Sadly today the Team found itself in the unenviable situation where we had no choice other than to expel 3 members from the club for their part in what can only be described as constant forum abuse and malicious tactics to darken another members name. We also warned a fourth regarding future conduct.

Its not a decision we reached easily hence why its gone on too long, but last nights actions forced our hand. Trouble making on these fora will not be tolerated and we sincerely hope our actions today will make people realise that.

That said however, it has nothing at all to do with the attempted vote of no confidence, if the rest of you feel we are doing a bad job, then we welcome the notion of a vote against us. After all we dont wish to outstay our welcome.

Thanks for your time and hopefully we can now get on with a 21Turbo appreciation club.

Who has been booted out?

Has the reason they were booted out been resolved?
good bloody show old chap

atleast u had the evidence and the backing

i support your decision mate

well done


More info.

As a member i'd like to know who was removed, and more info as to why. PM will be fine if you dont wanna put it on here.

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