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Earth points


New Member
i am getting a slight pulsing on some of my electrical items, so i need to clean up the earth points and replace any earth leads that are worn but i was wondering if there is a list or if you guys could help point out some earth points to check and clean. i am happy with the obvious ones under the bonnet but anymore that aren't so obvious would be great.

thanks in advance for any help
here is a few to get you started.

1 passenger footwell behind the little hatch has a about 5 or 6 its best to remove the trim to get a good look at it.
2 behind the dash clocks.
3 passenger side boot
"Pulsing" as in lights glowing brighter-darker-brighter-darker? Voltage reg on the alternator causes that. It's struggling to modulate voltage causing fluctuations, and the glowing you see is literally the voltage stream going from (for example) 12v to 14v and back again. Check the leads on the back of your alternator, and consider a new/refurb one.
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