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Dump Valve



Hi all,

Whats the purpose of putting the dump valve on the 'cold side', mines on the other side after the first intercooler.

Any benifits? Sound any better?

Mines quite loud at the mo. Kinda like it. :D


the benefits are that it is much louder as there is more compressed air to relieve from the system, and secondly the nearer the dump valve is to the inlet manifold the less back compression you get acting on the turbo so the less wear and tear on the workings.
Thanks mate.

Any ideas on how to go about doing this? do you have to get a small pipe welded the the metal inlet pipe?

my throttle body housing has been drilled and treaded,i just screw mine into that,damm load,works well
gonna have to give that a go, may try and get a spare trottle body housing first and play with that.


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