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Daily Lcr Family Car


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some of this might not make sense as i am taking it straight from another forum but here goes, my daily non french hack


Not much to post here really, got the car a week ago and booked it in with badger 5 straight away for belts and water pump (on the 24th). Have been going around the car sorting out little bits and bobs to get her all healthy and together. Fitted a brand new MAF sensor as it had a fault. Needed a spacer put on the ball joint as the hub was moving a fair bit, looks like its had a new wishbone fitted but it was forgotten to be put back on, this caused the car to get very scary in the wet! Fitted some re002 tires and had the tracking done, started to drive really well after that. Next up was new disks and pads from badger 5. Plain disks and ds2500 pads to hopefully give me some better stopping power. Then up to today, i pulled the sump and fitted a new pick up (again from badger 5), filled up with some fresh Titan Supersyn 5-40 and changed the oil filter.
In the next few days ill whip out the plugs and change the fuel filter.
Future plans are to fit a downpipe and decat along with a fresh remap. When i got the car it had an 80mm tip fitted, but fitted wrong and had a kink in it. Since fitting properly im getting a maf signal too high dtc, the car is mapped already but it looks like as its breathing better its causing the issue.
Cars belt is in getting fitted on the 24th along with a health check and smoke test, once thats done ill be happy to give her a little stick. Really starting to like the car now, seating position is a little high for me but its ok. The top mounts look like they have a little too much play in them so will hopefully fit some uprated suspension soon. The car is my new daily and transports my little one every so often but im also looking to have some fun on track with it after christmas. ill get some pics up soon but she looks like most other LCR's in black lol
ordered up a ebay special intercooler today, hopefully i can fit it up with relative ease. looked through plenty of threads and i think i got the one knows as a welly cooler, 600 x300 x76?? from toyosport uk. also got an s3 strut brace on the way too. fingers crossed i can get it on quickly and get the down pipe and decat sorted then itll be booked in for a remap with B5

as the cars due in with Badger 5 tomorrow i thought it would be a good idea to get the intercooler fitted, that way i can get a smoke check for leaks on my work. also picked up a 008 recirc just incase my 007 is causing issues of any sort. Easy enough to do, worst part was refitting the bumper.

only damage was caused when some hot plastic flicked onto my finger

initial drive she seems to like it, seems to pull harder but not much. alot less wooshing noise on initial build of boost, unsure if i did have a leak or its just the different cooler causing the change in noise. The only thing i might change from the list i found on the internet is swapping the 90 deg hose that goes to the map pipe for a slightly smaller one. a 63-60 looks like it would be better as the map pipe is slightly smaller than the quoted 63mm i found when searching welly cooler.
yesterday she went into badger 5 for a cambelt waterpump and health check. found a small leak that i need to address but no big issues bar the remap that was on there, bill offered his services to throw a base map on so it would be safe untill i get a full exhaust on and go back for a proper remap.

pic shows the before and after boost, original map in blue and B5 in red. you can see it falls on its face at just after 6k originally
Car drives lovely for a base map and i cant praise badger 5 enough.
hopefully i should have my hands on a full 3 inch turbo back system next week, once thats on ill be booking back in for a proper map
Picked up a 3 inch turbo back system this evening, looks to be a 3 inch cobra system including 3 inch down pipe, decat and a single back box. I think it may be a little loud lol. Either got to fit it, or book in for it to be fitted. I think that gives me all the available bolt ons so once its on ill be booking in with Badger 5 for a full remap to make the most of it.
Once this is done ill start looking at the handling side of things. ill probably go for some coilovers with rear anti roll bar to start with.
today was spent prepping the car for mapping on weds. new spark plugs one stage colder and fuel filter thrown on and fitting the b5 tip properly, it was on the car when i purchased it but it wasn't sealed or locked on so that was also done. Prosport coilovers were also fitted to replace the worn out stock setup, i had a broken rear spring so for me it was a good upgrade. rides really well now though i havent slammed it. its probably 25-30mm off stock height though i dont think it will go any lower without spacers. She needed shorter droplinks fitting so mercedes vito items were fitted
MERCEDES-BENZ VITO 113 2.0 PETROL (03/97 - 07/03)
PART NO : 427ME0260
PART NO : 427ME0270
Part numbers for anyone who searches and finds this.
Looking forward to weds now for a proper mapping sesh and ill get the car cleaned up for some decent shots.
so popped back to bills today for a final mapping. After a fair few hours on the dyno she was singing. Rolled in with 255bhp and 253lbft left with gear based boost and 273.6bhp and 264.6lbft. Very pleased with that. Also had a quick chat regarding next things to do so i have a few ideas in mind for the next stage. Took a few cam pics when i got there but nothing special.

the before and after overlay

very pleased with that!
really im at the limit without dropping a lump of cash on it. water meth would help but really the next big step will require rods, turbo, manifold, injectors and fuel pump.
the only run i recorded on the dyno, i was hiding out the way just incase it went pop lol

as it was another wet day here i decided to crack on with modding my tt strut brace to fit on the R. This involved cutting off some extra brackets that arnt on the s3 version but with some angle grinder action and a lick of paint its all good. I didnt want to get under the car in the wet so i drilled and tapped the holes for M8 thread and bolted it into position. This will be fine for a few days until i can be arsed to get under the car and back nut the bolts. If you grab hold of it there's no movement and you end up moving the whole car. Hopefully going by what others say it should tighten the front of the car up a little

I also had a glove box pocket thing delivered so that was thrown in too.
Just waiting on a friend to remove his rear anti roll bar and ill be having that for the R aswell. Tempted to book on a track day soon to see how it handles as im still yet to give it a proper death run. Bit wet and too much traffic around for that these days
popped up to the overclockers rr day at powerstation on sat.

she recorded 281.8bhp with 300.9lbft on there rollers. not sure if temperature can take up the difference in readings between there and badger 5 but its with it being 7bhp different im not worried atall, it was bloody baltic there on sat, 9 degrees!! the runs in the week at b5 were closer to 18. even i had a hoody and jacket on. those who know me will know i dont feel the cold too much and live in shorts 24/7 lol
not much done recently bar trying to chase leaks into the car, but with a track day booked for the 7th of march i thought i best do some minor upgrades. First on the list was the dogbone mount, fitted with a powerflex black series and the same for some new strut top mounts and a new pair of strut top bearings. I also picked up a rear anti roll bar, so got that fitted up today as well.

Ive also collected some spacers from forge. 5mm for the front and 10 for the rear. Ive only actually got them for the fact the new topmounts have raised the car a good 10-15mm. The coilver is already very close to the tire so a little spacing is needed to get the car back down a bit
Yeah it's not bad though everything's on the limit, to go for more power I'd need to have forged rods fitted, then my injectors fuel pump and turbo are flat out so they would all need swapping out too, tempting to do but I might wait untill the le car is back on the road
Nah man, that's the downgrade from the b5 s4, 350bhp and stupid fast but didnt go around corners, this has less power but handles very well and has 4 doors. Thats my basic criteria for a daily. I tried the meggy but it felt a little light, not much feedback? evo would of been nice but after looking at the running costs i threw that idea straight out of my head. This ticked most of the box's
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