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Archived clio 182 engine and gearbox

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before i scrap the car does anyone want a 182 engine and gearbox. the dephaser slipped and could have bent the valves. this is not 100% as i haven't taken it apart. i brought the car to rebuild and stick in my r5 but i now have a different engine. the car had new h/g and over 400 quids worth of work done to it then the guy started in on his drive, after 5 minutes it stopped. he hadn't done the pulley up tight enough.
this is his words not mine. if anyone is interested then take it away for 200 quid. so f4r 2.0 16v engine with jc5 box and all other related bit. ecu loom the lot its still in car so would need a hand to take it out.
the car was a pistonheads car. engine had done 74k with full service history. if it doesn't go im binning it as i need the room.

im in ba12 post code and contact number is 07456514635. if interested ill send you a pic if you really want one.
If you decide to split I might be interested in the 'box on it's own, my 3rd gear synchro is having issues.
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