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Clio Clio 182 daily


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Hi gents & ladies

I've started a new job and need something interesting as a daily driver, possibly also for sprints.....I noticed what was advertised only as a 'Renault Clio Sport', just going to have a look at it now

Apart from checking the general condition of it & history (hopefully), I am wondering is it a Cup or not. Looking on the net the most certain way to tell this is the bolt spacing on the front suspension strut?? Darker wheels and even rear bench seat I guess can be added

I found a good buying guide below...

Will report back!

ps is it OK to post this's not a turbo...
lol indeed get it up on here if you buy it. Not too sure on the later 182 cup stuff and the differences so sorry cant help there
It wasn't a Cup....see rear head rests for example...but very tempted



Price on the high side considering it was a little battered - the equivalent of 4.5k (car is in Doha where I am working at the mo)
182 'cups' are either Racing Blue or Inferno Orange.

Then you have the 182s with or without the 'cup' packs. This is either the cup suspension package which compromises of anthracite wheels and 60mm centre to centre spaced front hubs. The other package compromises of having a cup rear boot spoiler and front bumper 'splitter'
It had the wheels I think & possibly the spoiler but it was a 182 rather than a 182 cup. No front splitter ever fitted as far as I could tell

2 owners, same owner since 2008, from Lebanon, he took the car to Saudi then to Qatar...loads of history with it. Probably explains the batteredness and price too, with all those import fees. I'll test him out & offer below 4.

Insurance comes with the cars here so insured & the equivalent of MOT'd til December. No road tax & petrol costs bugger all :)

Massive sub woofer box thing & amp in the boot, which will be flung if I get it. Took it for a spin around the town/local highway - opened it up when speed cameras permitted....and was promptly rewarded by a siren noise. Shat myself before realising it was some kind of speed alarm on the car :)
Definitely check the hubs as like everything you can add the cup parts to a std 182 over the years, splitters get damaged and taken off. Clio 182 cups dont have half leather interiors just the 'Dynamique' cloth interior
It had cruise control and rain sensitive wipers and all that rubbish, whatever the seats were made out of they were far better support than my 5.

Pretty sure the cam belt will need changing, mileage is only 60-odd K so I just assumed it's never been done. Thanks for the tip about the dephaser - idle was a little lumpy but quiet enough.


cam belt was done at 80,000 km or 50,000 miles
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Cambelt is 72k OR five years, whichever comes first. The five years often ticks around before 72k. Mine has done 15k in 2.5 years for example, since it was changed. Always change the idler and tensioner and Crank pulley bolt. It is a ONE USE stretch bolt, never re-use even if you torque it and remove it cos you forgot something.

Alt belt is 36k OR Three years. ALWAYS change the tensioner and idler pulleys.

If the car has never had one, change the dephaser pulley. They ain't cheap....£165 or so, but if you dont and you have to do it in between belt service intervals, you have to fit a new cambelt kit too as well as the ballache of it.

Lastly, when you realise that lot is the best part of £400 in parts, bear in mind that if the cambelt chews itself, the engine is toast. And if the alt belt chews itself, the ribbed ridges shred and wrap around the crank pulley....and make the timing belt skip teeth....and the engine is toast. And when I say toast, I mean the head will likely be scrap in its entirety, and even if you get away with the marks/damage on the piston crowns there is a 50/50 chance the impact force has eeeever-so-slightly flat-spotted one of the big ends on the crank. You wont know until 2, 3, 400 miles after the car is fixed when it picks up over a bit of time and starts to rattle or spins a bearing at high RPM. And then guess what, yep, rebuild time. Again. So if an F4R has piston/Valve contact I tend to chuck it on the bin.

Just a ray of motherfucking sunshine today aint I :D
The guy wouldn't budge with the price, wanted a minimum of 4200 for it....sadly, here endeth this thread...!
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