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breaking 21 turbo



i'm breaking a grey phase 1 21 turbo most parts available i'm down near gatwick


the nose cone has been played around with someone has filled the badge over & cut stupid holes all over it.

the n/s/f door has a bit of rust on the bottom of it but the other 3 are fine


to be honest i can't remember i will have a look and let you know.


Can i have the interior trim that runs from dash, past your head and along the side to the rear quarter. Drivers side pls - oh and how much??

Thanx mate :wink:
He probably did Roddy, i did the same only on the passenger side!
For Attn of Phil...

Bloody rough arse....fancy breaking that superbly designed piece of plastic!!! :oops:
Just to let you know..the Ph1 and Ph2's are different (this being because the Ph2 has height adjustable seatbelts and the Ph1 didn't.......
So now ya know!! :wink:
Wish I had a spare 1500 bucks lying around - I would get you to strip out the drivetrain, engine electrics, brakes and ABS electrics, and wheels, put them in a big crate and put them on an Australian bound ship. Oh well.....
Roddy I was lucky I didnt break anything when i did the sun-roof. the reason I was after the interior trim is because the previous owners fitted an alarm sensor and cut the trim :evil:

Thanks Roger for the info Ive got a ph2 so its no good to me.

Cheers anyway :D

do you have a n/s/f indicator unit and a knock sensor?
and if so how much?


have you got the rear calipers and dics tel ady 07774012008
have you got oil feed turbo pipe if so email me or ring 01903715211 :(
Clutch bits

How much do you want for the clutch hydraulics?

Either p.m me or call me on 07900 818 788 (Voda)
if anyone is after any parts get hold of carl,hes a good lad and i,ve been to him twice now to remove some parts,but he still has plenty left,so if anyone is after any parts ask him as he might well still have them,hes on his hols this weekend,he looks like he needs one!(sorry mate)so let him know asap,many parts still on the car but several of the standard parts gone,head(to me)ex manifold(me again)rad etc,but still lots of odds and ends there,tungsten phase 1,let him know,nice bloke,nice area,nice boozers!!!have a good holiday carl,hope the white beast goes well,dave
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