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yes got a ph3 and when brake pedal is pressed sometimes it feels really stiff and brakes dont come on and then its ok and it also makes a noise when this happens lie a juddering.also when putting in reverse grinds a lot does the slave cylinder need changing?any help much appreciated.cheers paul mem18
nearly got my beasty black ph1 into evo style bad ass cossie killer.

Thatll be your ABS playing up. A faulty target is making the computer think the wheel is locked when its not and it tries to release the brake to unlock the wheel.
Clean all your toothed target rings, if that dont work replace and damaged or corroded ones. I had to replace all 4 of mine to get it operational, The rings are part of the parent component (driveshaft or rear hub bearing assy) but with some stealthy cov-gyppo stylee persuation they can be removed and refitted.
Take care not to damage the teeth though!!!
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