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Billing Aquadrome Summer Bash


Sarah21t xx

Anyone Interested in joining in with RTOC on this event:

Message from RTOC:
Turbo's, BarB-Q's & Booze-Summer Bash
21.08.2004, from 12:00

Get your tents out, stock up on the booze, get your disposable Bar-b-Q's out & loaf in the Sun!
Join us at Billing Aquadrome for a weekend of fun...drinking, camping & maybe even a footie match!

Starting Saturday lunch time going on thru the night... and carrying on into Sunday!

Other clubs are coming along.... including PGAC, RSC & others! Just bring your mates & have a laugh!

Let me know all your thought's below!! :twisted:
hi sarah,
sounds like a great idea,
open fields - turbo cars - and alcohol
sounds like the recipe for a right laugh
count me in
party time

sounds great to me have to see how funds last expensive month going to blackpool with the lads at end of month so need sum dosh for then LOL :lol: but does'nt sound too expensive Can someone enlighten me on the where abouts of billing Aquadome PLEASE :D :D :D
cheers si21
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