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BIG turbo


How much money would you think would have to be spent on it to make it fit :?:

I must say it looks very nice :D

the price of a new shaft (longer than std T3), balance up and you would need to make an actuator bracket to clear the bigger inlet houseing. Cannot remember how much it was, think i got a good price from mark at turbo active :lol:

Technical stuff (zzzzzzzz)

The problem with turbos is they have specific efficient outputs. A T3 will put out so much air (ie. 175 bhp) and will be perfect. If you increase that (ie. 220 bhp) then the efficiency drops and more heat is generated which means more intercooling required. By going up a turbo size you effectively increase the power output by keeping the charge temps down, but the down side is increase in turbo lag :( . More lag means less rev range but much better tuning capabilities :D

That turbo inlet size is the same as the europa cup car which has a cossie spec exhaust houseing, like matty's.
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