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as theres no technical board........ clutch probs



the clutch on my k plate has had it so i bought a new 1 the other day.
fitted it all went to check it and it dont work. :evil:

push the pedal and theres no resistance, but it does return.
i think the hydraulics are ok but nothing was happening.

rang mr sibley up and he said the friction plate might be in the wrong way,

so i took the engine out again.

changed it round and still nothing.

what else could it be?

I had the same problem with mine after doing a ph3 to ph2 engine conversion and it was air in the system so i had to do a ph2 to ph 1 conversion lol ! but no this is what i had to do as the ph2/3 are non bleedable systems and apparently you have to change the whole system on the car to achive clutch mechanism again.Its a easy conversion though it took me about 1 hour because the clutch filling resevoir is neatly tucked away near the bulk head behind the brake master cylinder and with size 11 hands proved to be a little bit tricky.hope this helps you but if it doesnt ring me on 01642 280703 and ill explain it to you.
how can there be air in the system. i havent touched the hydraulics.

ive got a ph1 system as i converted my ph2 quadra to ph1 lol

i have converted the ph3 to ph2 as well. lmao

will try the hydraulics tonight and see what happens :(
Re: Clutch problems....

Hi Stu....answer me this......when you took the slave cylinder off the gearbox,did you just let it go,or did you hold the piston in place with the little white clips that are attatched to the cylinder??
If you just let it go then what has happened is that the piston has basically come to the end of its travel inside the cylinder and allowed an air gap inside :oops:
If you didn't know then its just one of those things,just an inconvenient mistake,but hey,we're all human after all!!
The tabs were broken off my cylinder,so I made my own retainer,in the form of an old valve grinding paste lid and a cable tie.......It worked for me!!
Unsure what your next move will be,but there are a couple of us :wink: that have been known to bleed the 'sealed system'. A bit of a long winded procedure,but it got us out of the proverbials!!!
Hope this helps
Roj (21TOC Technical)
cheers m8.

i took the engine out again tonight.
3rd time in 3 days.

i checked everything and got my dad to watch me do it to make sure it wasnt me.
everything was how it should be.

every time i took the engine out i didnt disconnect the slave cylinder, thats y i didnt think it would be the hydraulics, + the fact that every time i get it back together i get some1 else to press the pedal while i check for movement and the fork was moving fine.

i have now put the old release bearing in and have started converting the hydraulics to ph1 (my dad broke the ph3 slave somehow. lol)

if it doesnt work with the new hydraulics tomorow night it means reno have sold me the wrong clutch. (i hope it is that in a way so i know it isnt me)

see what happens tomorow night.
Fun fun fun

LOL I feel for you mate, you sounded pretty peeved on the other end of the phone.

Several times :lol: :shock: :wink:
yeah sorry bout the calls m8.
just i dont see y the hydraulics broke. spose its the last thing left to change.

just annoying doing it all on the pavemennt after work that all.
The little brown thing....

I told ya about that....

You'd have thought the circlip would have held it in far enough to stop air getting in wouldnt ya? But ooooh no, dont be silly..... :cry:

If the little brown retainer is bust then :roll: there may well be air in there.
What puzzles me though, is the fact that it still has the reuired 11mm of movement on the fork top, and it doesnt leak back when the pedal is pushed down..... :?: :?: :?:
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