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Anyone know much about fiesta rs turbos?


Before I bought my gt I was trying to decide between a 5 ggf and a fiesta rs turbo, but as I had always been French I went for the 5, but now I have a fairly tidy one on the drive I'm looking at fiestas as well, what do you all think to them?
All I know was they they were the GTT's arch rival during the 90's in my neck of the woods. Was a bit like a Hunt/Lauda had to beat them no matter what, but at the same time you had a healthy respect for them.
Agree with the comments about the fiesta being the big competition to the GTT back in the 90's and one of the lads I used to work with had a red K reg which was apparently one of only a handful of RST's registered on the K plate?
It always used to go VERY well...... ;)
I heard they didnt handle very well. Generally considered the poor relative in the Cosworth world.

I quite like the look of uno turbos.
I quite like the look of uno turbos.
As always, these threads go off course :joyful: so whilst were talking about Uno Turbo's, have a look at the one my mate is currently in the process of rebuilding:

You can see me in the second picture, helping him unload it after we went to collect it. What was an easy job to carry the shell onto the trailer with 5+ guys, was a mission in the art of leverage with the two of us?! :meh:
That Uno project looks good Steve :)

If memory serves me the FrsT didn't come with an LSD and the escort did, so if you were running more power than standard then traction was an issue :mad: But a real fun hot hatch, and for some reason the standard three spoke alloys grew on me :wacky:
I would love a garage full of 90's hatches! Gonna keep my eye out for one. That will mean the driveway will be well and truely full!
Well ive got a classic mini which i got to a nearly finished state before I got the 5(projects are never finished!). Now the 5 is getting closer to where I want it I'm gonna start looking for the next one!
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