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Ace Cafe



A quick glance at my calender reminds me that Monday is scheduled for a trip to the Ace Cafe.

Are there any takers for this?

:lol: well wot can i say si lol its me n u again innit :oops: if ya got the room can i ponce da lift matey :?:
hi mate,
sorry gonna have to miss this one :-({|=
the wife has got to work monday nite
but i will try and make next one ............. promise :)
anymore 4 anymore

come on u lot! phil where are you mate ? the others come on there were loads of cars at the puzzle the other sunday LOL PMSL
God hates me, i am sure of it now, my 21 has sprung an oil leak last night, time for an engine clean an try to locate the fault, may make it monday, not sure though. :x :cry:
well theres only me n you going

n if you cant go then neither can i let us know if you need a hand mate
no probs, gonna give the engine a degrease, gonna try out a bottle of maguies degreaser!! once done see where the leak is and if it is fixable will still go.
21 Turbos...

were built with oil leaks.........dunno what ur complaining about....mind you, urs came from Reno Sutton/Reading so.....bound to have been a good base car eh lolol

was fine till it spurted out the litre of oil that went in the night before, got a dribble from the dizzy oil seal, (me thinks) but this new one is under the turbo :shock:
cleaned and viewed and it the oil feed from the remote oil filter to the block..not got a spanner big enough..si21, bring ya tools m8.
I izza comin boy i izza cumin

i come bearing lager i mean large spanners you can supply the larger LOL

si21 :lol:
24mm...if you need it I got one.....y dont you ring ya donut....I sit around most days doing naff all except hanging Ginas thongs out in the sun..... :p :p

Well, anyrate.......let me know its a 10 minute job :wink:

cheers m8, as you know i am at college so not home till 2:30..3ish, babs says if yyou are bored she has a pile of ironing needs doing :roll:
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