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A bit more info....



There is a Quadra for sale on the boards for ?250, I thought i'd present to you all its specs before anyone ventures up there....

The diff is leaking oil
Its had an innerwing replaced, and the welds are er....some what bad. Pigeon shit was the term quoted. Covered over by grey silicone sealant.
The bottom intercooler is held in place purely by the strength of the hoses, all brackets are missing.
Some hoses have been bodged.
Parts of the loom have been cut and taped together.
The front end has been resprayed 'badly' by aerosol, and as such the gaps are terrible.
It has its fair share of rust, and there isnt a straight panel on it, every panel has a dent.
The carpets need either replacing or a damn good clean.

This is just a brief outline of what ive been told, my mate who knows his 21's and saw it said, he'd buy it to kill it, and neither had the time nor inclination to bother with it. He valued it at ?100.
Im not tryin to be a 'bitch' I just feel it fair you know whats ahead of you if you decide to brave the M11 during the day.

p.s It started on the button and ran very quietly, but overheated quickly.
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