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[8 May, 2015] 30 years of the 5 GT TURBO (in france) (Route de Bourges)


hello all have.
I would like to know if some of you would be interested in participating in the 30th anniversary of the super 5 GT turbo. the date and set to 8/9/10 May 2015.
the sanglier will be present and it is hoped vlus have among us. of French professional will lá. As soon as I have more information I will contact you.
Feel free to make a list of persons who would be likely to come.
8 May 2015 is an appointment at the campsite.
9 May 2015 is day tour from 9am to 18pm.
10 May 2015 is tourist rally .

THE place of the circuit :

cordially Stephane 8-|
i swear somewhere i have a video from a germany trip, you and bekki were there (cough) nowt going on. and she was getting quized when pissed about it, denying anything was going on lol.....
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