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[7 Jun, 2014] French Car Show (Wiltshire)


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French Car Show 2014 will now have a stand for and its members.

If you fancy coming along to support the club click HERE

When buying your ticket to get in make sure you add TURBO RENAULT or in the club parking section. This will get you a window pass that will allow you access into the club area.

Information on the show can be found HERE

Lets make this a big one guys, show your support for the new club by rocking up in force :)
I don't live too far away so wasn't planning on camping though I could be persuaded
Is VIP camping and non VIP camping in the same area? I want to book, but don't want to be isolated if others are doing other stuff. Also who is camping Friday and Saturday?
I may come down for the Saturday if I can, My weekend with the kids so would have them with me.
Sounds like a great educational weekend - and I'll have people that don't know me that may be able to put up with me for at least 1.5 days.

Bring it.
ill double check on the camping and vip thing for you, though i think everyone is in the same area.

If your coming along there is an rsvp button at the top of the page by the map, if people could use that i can keep track of numbers and adjust our space requirememnts if needed
Cheers jeez - I think I'll be rocking up VIP stylee then.

Stickers are a must - If you can provide a jpeg or whatever - I'll get me a t-shirt / hoody
Us dutch guys got the Vip tickets, I believe the only difference is the included BBQ.
It's an additional £15, which gets you the Sat night Hog roast and access to the vip area, which is the covered area?

Can we have a kind of poll to see who's doing what please.
all the paperwork for our stand has come through so will be posted off today, all that are attending and plan on going on the stand can you please rsvp at the top of the page (y)
Just reading the site now

59 quid includes a spit roast? That's not bad

edit: aaaa won't let me book it!! Has the site worked for anyone else?
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Working fine for me buddy. What will you be coming along in? Details are in the first post of this thread (y)
Working fine for me buddy. What will you be coming along in? Details are in the first post of this thread (y)

It's not working for me, Adey. I've sent them my email address & phone number so hopefully they will give me a shout. Probably due to my location...they won't like my IP address :)

If the last two weeks are anything to go by, I'll be coming along on the bus.....I've got two Volvos and a Renault and all were out of action at the same time!! But the plan is to chaperone Bougie the Turbo 2 to the event :D

edit: game on! Spoken to Mark at [email protected], paid for the tickets by Paypal as the website wouldn't have it
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