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500 members NOW 900!!!!

Big Steve - Raider

Raspberry Ripple
Staff member
496 members on the books as of today, won't be long at all until the 500 members milestone will be passed and in that time together we've all achieved so much:
  • Creation of a new & innovative website with linking to Facebook
  • In-house arcade where the members can toss it off (the spear that is) ;)
  • Club Shop formed with a number of TurboRenault exclusive items available that have generated the club some income that will be used to extend the items available to it's members
    • Custom 5GTT Downpipes
    • Club and OE Replica Stickers
  • Arranged a number of UK and European events.
My sincere thanks to each and every member for "come baby coming" to :grin.gif::friends.gif::drinks.gif:

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