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[30 May, 2014] La Chatre, May 30th & 31st 2014 (France)

So list for La Chatre is as follows;
Jon Cooke
Dave Sibley
We will depart on Thursday 29th May on the Eurotunnel from Folkestone at 1820. ( £125.00)
Arrive to Evreux or Dreux around 2230 and stay in a cheap Camponile for the night (£40.00 for 2 adults sharing a room)
Depart Camponile around 9am and drive to la Chatre
Arrive La Chatre at 1300-1400 and check in to the Hotel le Lion d'Argent (£41.00 for a double room on expedia) Its the hotel on the cross roads as you enter La Chatre from the track.
Chill with a beer or two and watch the cars arriving on the crossroads.
Saturday head to circuit and look around etc.
Leave around 2pm and head back towards Calais via some scenic routes and mega hoonage and find a place to stay in the French countryside...
return on sunday nights Eurotunnel at 1730ish..
If your coming suggest you get your bookings in with the above to avoid disappointment...
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