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R5 Skywalker

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I'm getting out of the Renaults, so I want to sell the 21 quadra I bought a couple of months back.

It wants a complete resto, but it's mechanically sound. Gearbox and engine run lovely.

Anyone seriously interested pm me. It'll be a shame to break it, but it will if I have to, as I need to get my money bk or at least some of it.

dropped a reply on the other site, but in case you read this one first I'll drop £500 in your hand....
Just read it chap. It's a steal at 750, which is me losing over 200 as it stands. I'd love to see it repaired but I won't lose sleep breaking it and making my money back. £750 and she's yours
Might be worth letting people know what is needed ?

Seems a real shame ( and an incredibly limited market to break it )
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