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Archived 21 turbo parts for sale

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Hi everyone,

I'm 21 less again, and this time clearing out my garage and selling whatever spares i have..... I will be clearing it out this saturday, so if there is anything you are looking for in particular let me know & I will put it to one side, take pics etc and get back in touch about a price...

I knopw for certain that I have;

Alloys x 2 sets (1 with toyo proxes nearly new & a set of volvo T5 in gunmetal grey) and various ph1 rims that need refurbing
Baileys header tank
new phase 1 rear lights
strut braces x 2
ph1 doors with rubbers
dump valves (various)
rear window rubber
back bench complete in leather
jacking points
powder coated wishbones (atkins??)
bran new handbrake cables
plus whatever else I find

email me at [email protected] or txt on 07796 442774 :) or just leave a messaGE ON HERE​
Cheers Dave.

I text the other day. I thought it odd u didn't reply lol. I was looking for a gearknob, headlights and indicators :)
I didn't get it mate? I have issues sometimes, the iMessage number doesnt have mobile web and if i'm out of wireless range for a while it seems to eat messages!
Those three things are fine though, same across all models.
Hi everyone - sorry but Ollie turned up with an estate car & a wad of cash and took everything last night.... needed it all gone so sorry to those of you that wanted bits but the thought of getting rid of everything in one go, and cash in hand was too convenient to say no...
the only bits I kept were the rims from lucas old 21 with nearly new proxes on them, and a europacup inlet manifold and europa cup intercooler pipe.
if you need anything drop Ollie a line....
that's me completely 21car & parts free for the first time since 2002. La chatre next?
Cant you use some cadburys racking ? Talk to Ollie. He has two, so will sell you the one you was after I'm sure......
Cant you use some cadburys racking ? Talk to Ollie. He has two, so will sell you the one you was after I'm sure......
If I thought for a microsecond i'd get it for the same price we agreed I would...

I think you should cut me a deal on those wheels ;)
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