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5 GT Turbo 1990 Gt Turbo F4R turbo Track car


Thought id better put a few bits of my 5 gt track car. I bought this so I had something to blast about in while my other five is in storage (no engine, so cant drive it)


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New uprated cossie fuel pump fitted, HD engine mounts as the engine was flapping about like an overweight chicken. Brakes sorted and Oz's fitted.

Also tidied the engine bay up, new alloy rad fitted and slimline fan, moved air filter away from turbo
A few more


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Track prepared Renault 5's..... my most favourite subject..........

Looks clean and a lot of hours spent on it................ love the white and red body work with cup stickers... very 1989...... sweet.............:)

I have a new car to me a raider from Andy M.....with a recent rebuilt engine, roll centre cage, single race seat, cup steels and a polish...... I am looking around for track days ... north or south.... in the next few weeks...... if you want to be part of the winning team.... it would be great to see the benefits of the later engine ...... cadwell is my favourite circuit but brands is aiming for 15psi.......
. This was the car just before parking up. And I couldn't use it looking like this!

This is how it looked before my maxi plan.
You haven't been conned I can assure you, and the engine hasn't been run more than a realistic 3-400 miles. I also asked the engine builder prior to installation if he had done whatever required prior to refit and he said he had turned the engine manually to ensure it was correct. I'm at a loss to explain any shortcomings and hopefully more knowledgable people can pose some questions which might explain the problem.
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