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[16 Oct, 2014] No Bling at the Ring 2014 (Nurburgring Jolly) (Adenau)

Big Steve - Raider

Raspberry Ripple
Staff member
Anyone fancy going to the Nurburgring Nordschleife this October for No Bling at the Ring 2014?

Those of you who have been on these trips before... you know the score.. those of you who have not yet experienced a weekend at the Nordschleife; well it's a petrol-heads heaven!! If you're feeling flush/brave you can drive your own car around the fearsome Nordschleife, but can also just enjoy the Pils and atmosphere of the place.

I am going to go in my 5 and will be travel out there on Thursday 16th October then travel home Sunday 19th October. Some people are travelling on the Newcastle - Amsterdam ferry but I will be travelling on the EUROTUNNEL:
  • OUT - Thu 16th Oct 07:20
  • RETURN - Sun 19th Oct 14:20
We will be staying in the Ringhotel Blaue Ecke in Adenau from the Thu - Sat nights. You can book the hotel through or If they fill up there are a few other hotels to choose from in/around Adenau.

Hope you can make it on the first European Adventure!!
gota get on this, let me sort a car first lol, anyone mind if a few friends come along too?
Can you believe it was 2007 the 1st No Bling at the Ring :-O which means the original euro trip before it was 2006 dam I am getting old lol

Definetly up for some more euro action but alas not this year :( funds and kids are just not going to permit it just yet but will be back in the future covering some bad arse euro miles

if i come along itll have to be in the trophy, i dont think the 5 will even get onto the eurotunnel or ferry
an accord type r would be tasty around the ring, loved my old one.
prices looking good at the mo, currently going with what steve has done its £313 for the hotel and euro tunnel. Gota do the same though, see if anna and i can get the time off.
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