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[11 Oct, 2014] S/E London curry night new date proposal (surrey)

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As per the off topic conversation in my other thread there seems to be enough interest to warrant posting and events thread for the aforementioned curry night.

There are no specifics as of yet and will see what the general consensus is...

Suggested date being the the weekend of 26th-28th of September (majority rule).
Suggested location ideally S/E London/croydon way as it's my thread and
I'm a c@nt! ;) But again I will go with
general consensus. If we could get and idea of what people would prefer with regards to parking or beer.... for instance, if people would prefer beering it up, I'd suggest somewhere like Clapham Junction as it's easy to travel to via train from almost anywhere in and around London, but if the majority would prefer to make it a meet/drive then I would look for somewhere slightly further outside London (not too far) with plenty of free parking.

Let the moaning/discussion/suggestions commence.....!
Saturday 27th is cool with me.

FR, where do you live? Could sort your carb etc in the afternoon, then onto a local ruby house in the evening?
Hi Mart, I'm quite close to Croydon so easy to get to, any help carb wise is very much appreciated!
Did anything get sorted for this?
Mines now on the road so I am happy to use it at every opurtunity
But I hate curry so would come out after you lit have eaten if that's what your doing lol.
Taste of Bengal by Sanderstead station is a nice curry house, car park accross the road too.
It looks like I'm going to be up town getting smashed on an all day bender, so I doubt I'll be in a fit state to attend a curry. Oh the joys of turning 21 :D
As some of you may or may not be aware, it was my birthday towards the end of August and it turns out that the bird has bought me tickets to watch Lee Evans at the O2 on the Saturday (27th) (bitch!) and seeing as there are now a few people that are not able to make this date I was wondering about postponing it for 2 weeks until Saturday 11th October? I will propose this and leave it open for one week before booking anything...
@Andy M the bengal is a great shout! Parking, easy to find being next to a train station and not too far from the m25! Sorry again guys but if this date is ok with the masses then I will set it in stone end of play next Sunday (14/9/14).
Plus as @DaveL485 said it could work as a pre-ring discussion. (depending on what curry you have then that could work on a couple of levels!! :grin.gif:)
@stu21t don't worry if you hate curry! Everyone is invited! We'll set you up with a few poppadoms and an onion salad! And if you promise to bring the EBS then we might club together and see if we can't sort you out with a little pot of mint yoghurt too!
I will see how it goes.
My car is on display at the performance French cars expo on 12th and I got be up at 5am
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