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The Campus Turbo 'in stock' build

Discussion in 'Other!' started by will_dewis93, Nov 14, 2017.

Discuss The Campus Turbo 'in stock' build in the Other! area at TurboRenault.co.uk.

  1. will_dewis93

    will_dewis93 Member

    I posted the thread for my valver yesterday 1996' Naples Red Clio 16v

    And part way through that story a Renault 5 campus crops up, so here's the details on that, not that there is a lot at the moment!

    I think maybe 6 months ago now I had my Naples valver in lots of bits, plodding on doing the work on that.
    A second valver sat on my drive that I'd bought not knowing what I was going to do with it.
    I was weighing up what year I might get finished if I was to take on the welding that it required, vs. Reluctantly breaking the car for parts and selling off what I didn't need.

    That's a tricky one because the reality is that with it being a narrow market as it is, it's even narrower in Scotland. There's not LOADS of folk who are into these old renaults. And I didn't need a great deal of stuff from the car for mine.

    I bought the breaker valver blind pretty much because it was local and cheap, wasn't too fussed about the condition.
    IMG_0172.JPG IMG_0178.JPG IMG_0180.JPG IMG_0175.JPG IMG_0176.JPG

    Anyway, afternoon mid week I'm tagged on Facebook in a sale post by a lad up near Aberdeen, he's selling among other things two Renault 5's, one 5 door auto, and a three door manual campus,

    23k from new
    Dry stored for the most part of 20 years and stored under a tree for a couple aswell.
    I messaged the seller immediately, (I should point out I wasn't looking for any car what so ever at that point, let alone an old 5)
    Got a couple of pictures, asked him to move some of the moss and look at the usual areas for rot and decided it was too good (and cheap) to pass up.

    So stood in work in the space of about 20 mins I'd payed in full over PayPal and arranged to go up and collect with a trailer that night.
    Nae time wasted!

    So about 8 hours and £400 pound later, it was dumped in the street outside my house, where it stayed for the next two or three days.
    No documents and no keys, steering lock on. Lol

    Caught the neighbours attention that weekend from across the road as I'm removing the barrel with a hammer to get the lock off so I can put it in the driveway round the back of the house hahaha

    Needed space, I can get three, four at a push cars in my drive. So this whole 5 fiasco decided the fate of the red valver.
    Pushed it into the garage, stripped it, stored the parts away, and the shell came back out in about 4 sections. Off to the scrap. Sad, to an extent.

    I'll stop holding out now and show you some pictures.
    That's a few of the initial photos I got from the seller
    IMG_0300.JPG IMG_0302.JPG IMG_0299.JPG

    Bit crusty eh hahah
    But the rot, is near non existent.
    Rear driver side window needs attention, windscreen needs attention but it's not bad.
    Bumper mounts front and rear are mint,
    Front and rear panels are mint,
    Sills are fine, you can see a split on one side that needs taken back, a line run with the welder and sealed up.
    And there's a bit of rot starting on the boot lid but again not bad.

    So once id hoovered it out and taken the bumpers off and had a poke about I was very happy with my £200 Renault 5.
    Sold the engine, standard stereo and tow bar for £120 to the guy who bought the 5 door auto. So the car owes me £80. Happy days.




    That dent in the front wing is the only damage on the car, and I did it myself with my arse.
    Bumping it sideways into a "parked" position before I got the steering lock off.
    What an arse!

    So! That sat in the drive for a month or two while I was doing other things, then I started cleaning and painting the running gear etc off the breaker valver,
    So struts and hubs, subframe, and rear axle got knotted wheel and painted up.
    Then the 5 got rolled into the garage as I fancied a change of pace to working on the valver.


    Engine came out and got sold on with the other bits


    Started on the front end, stripped and scrapped the struts, hubs, subframe etc.
    Swapped the manual rack into the 16v subframe
    The original 5 subframe came off Easier than any Renault subframe I've ever dealt with, so much so I took a photo of it haha


    Had to drill a hole to fit the subframe, but nothing major.

    So front end all fitted,


    And old axle off and scrapped, new painted valver axle bolted on.


    Badly need some wheels to sit it on, just something with tyres that hold air..


    This is the C1j I bought from Newcastle back in 2011, wanted to put it into a clio. It's still never happened. Maybe one day.
    But it would be daft not to put this in the five.

    IMG_1253.JPG IMG_1256.JPG IMG_1252.JPG

    Bought a whole package, engine, box, shafts, clocks, fannymolds, turbo, carb, full stainless system,

    Sold the box

    Fitted the engine to the 16v box out of the breaker valver, licks of paint and fitted the engine in situ.
    To be honest the seatbelt came undone and it actually got dropped about 3"
    Scary as fuck!
    But I think we got away with it! ,,

    IMG_0577.JPG IMG_0575.JPG

    Also fitted the Williams seats I had lying about which you can just see in the picture above.


    Coming together quite nicely at that point, all stuff I had already going into this VGC Campus shell I came across. All in all I'm happy with it. But decided I should stop there and get the clio done before putting anymore real effort into this. One thing at a time and all that..

    Need to sort a turbo core for it, aside from that I'm pretty much going to fire it up and see what like. I had the sump off the engine and it seemed in good condition, it's certainly had a rebuild in the past, no surprise there.

    Last of the photos I have,

    IMG_0590.JPG IMG_0588.JPG 12A811D3-07F1-473C-B406-28B7C71EB5C4.jpg IMG_0595.JPG IMG_0594.JPG

    Bought a focus for the mrs aswell, fiesta was dying the death and was a miserable wee thing at best. So that took up the garage for a forghtnight aswell.




    As far as renaults go that's pretty much the lot for the 5 at the moment. As I said the clio is first in line but I aim to update both threads as and when there are updates to be had!

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  2. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Some more graft going on !
    will_dewis93 likes this.
  3. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    yes, love it (y)
    will_dewis93 likes this.
  4. will_dewis93

    will_dewis93 Member

    Obviously the thing still needs a thorough clean, but here's a couple of pics since it got a hoover, some nicer seats and a wipe down ;)
    Much better!

    IMG_1217.JPG IMG_1218.JPG
    Adey likes this.
  5. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    How are these even the same car ?


    will_dewis93 likes this.
  6. will_dewis93

    will_dewis93 Member

    Quite an improvement eh, I was happy with the condition of the carpet once I could see it.
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  7. Brigsy

    Brigsy Media Manager

    Looks like a nice project :) whats the plans engine wise stock or modified ?
  8. will_dewis93

    will_dewis93 Member

    Stock really mate. For a get go anyway, I've found that the turbo I have is standard spec, the carb too, so i plan to buy a new turbo core as it needs it, I did enquirer about one but never heard back.

    Get a good turbo on, put the carb on as is and see how it runs. Then I'll see where I'm at and start picking folks brains to get it going well hopefully. We'll see! Hah

    There's a front mount cooler to go on it. Oil cooler aswell.

    I need to get the exhaust side of the turbo also, the 90' bit, turbo/exhaust is the only bit of the exhaust I've never had. A generic intercooler pipe kit, big roll of vaccume line for a start.

    Had a browse over a couple of your threads today @Brigsy@Brigsy , busy man! All looks like top work. I'm dying for a dci kangoo daily!
    Brigsy likes this.
  9. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

  10. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    loving the seats in there, need something a little better for the clio but still keeping it low key
    will_dewis93 likes this.
  11. will_dewis93

    will_dewis93 Member

    That link isn't working but it's the elbow I need I think. Fairly sure that's all that's missing of the exhaust. It's not a standard system though so I'll have to look at the centre bore

    There was a guy selling a complete interior on the valver page on Facebook, POV spec interior but might be better than what you've got?
    Can always go all out and buy some posh seats ...



    andybond likes this.
  12. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Those seats would be like driving your armchair around !
  13. will_dewis93

    will_dewis93 Member

    They were, they came out of an alpha and cost me £40 I think.
    Super comfy but to be honest didn't sit the best in the car
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