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The Bogey

Discussion in 'Renault 5 GT Turbo' started by jamesc, Feb 22, 2014.

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  1. jamesc

    jamesc Staff Member

    Allo allo, it is I

    Here is my project thread for my 1984 Renault 5 Turbo 2 :)

    It has been christened the Bogey or Bougie (French for spark plug) until we think of a better name!! As it is Marine Blue not green - honest!!!! Anyway, moving on....it all started around the time that dinosaurs roamed the earth in 1987, when my parents got hold of an 'S' reg Renault 5 in a lovely shade of orange.....


    Seeing my Dad literally beating the ladies off from that day on, something lodged in my 6 year old's mind....Must Have A 5.....

    One year later, no, Twenty Five years later - Bougie arrives:

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  2. jamesc

    jamesc Staff Member

    I found a parts list for the 185 and 200 CV kits from Renault Sport....'sans' means without and 'avec' means with:

    The first item on the list is possibly a shim for the wastegate?? Not sure what that is and anyway there will be no raising of boost until I get a bit of confidence in the car. Second item on the list is a larger intercooler - check!



    CV is short for Chevals Vapour btw or Steam Horses :)

    The car had the 200 CV cam fitted (part number 77 11 064 580) by a previous owner.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2014
  3. jamesc

    jamesc Staff Member

    I found this site, with a partial translation of the above list.

    http://renaultalpineownersclub.com/membersarea/Renault 5 Turbo 1 and 2 Tuning.pdf

    Love the little smilie that has appeared in the link there :/. So the 185 CV kit consists of:

    Wastegate 'bracket' (still none the wiser)
    Larger intercooler
    Colder spark plugs NGK B8EFS
    Turbo compressor exit hose clamps x 2
    Turbo compressor entry hose clamps x 2
    Entry hose to turbo cold side
    Exit hoses from intercooler x 4
    Intercooler hose clamps x 8
    Thermal switch for radiator (gis a clue hotter or colder)
    Baffle for sump - not a bracket, see below


    If I get hold of one it would be a good time to drop the sump and have a look at the oil pick-up
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  4. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    Would love to own 1 one day. Even been toying with the idea of trying to use one as a wedding car :-*

    Did you know it had all the upgrades when you got it? That sump pic look the same as the r5 coupe one, ive got a part number somewhere if you need it?
  5. jamesc

    jamesc Staff Member

    Yes please mate post the part number up, I guess it would be the same item.

    I tried getting married once, didn't like it :). And the wedding car was indeed a 5 lol. You're welcome to try it!!
  6. Adey

    Adey Staff Member


    Thats what i have, the part number is probably old, but always worth a call to renault.

    That would be ledge, we may have to talk one day in the future
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  7. jamesc

    jamesc Staff Member

    Thanks fella!

    I guess you are serious about the wedding car then!! The mistake I made was to use a non-turbo Renault 5.......when the time comes, just give me a shout and you can try it in a turbo :) then you will have a long and happy marriage, eight kids and all that ;)
  8. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    Oh yes i am lol. I wont get much say in the day but that is one of the few things i have said need to happen lol. Got the lecar turbo but an actual 5 turbo would be the dogs. Long yes, happy sometimes 8 kids?! not a chance lol.

    If you do happen to come across a sump baffle let me know
  9. jamesc

    jamesc Staff Member

    That part number you posted ('60 00 056 568') is different from the one I have 77 11 050 804. The part looks almost the same though, only difference I can see is that the notch in the vertical section is filled in. It's only a sketch though. I'll have a look but seems like hen's teeth either one!!


    I think it's this we are talking about, I'll give them a shout

    Last edited: Feb 22, 2014
  10. jamesc

    jamesc Staff Member

    Sorry missed that comment....

    The upgrades it had when I got it were the cam and RHD conversion, I put the intercooler on plus some other stuff that I will post up. The wing mirrors are called California style I think, and the front bumper is a Tour De Corse (copy?). I don't know if they were fitted from new.......I didn't do them......oh and the minilites are not original either.

    I think someone has built it up to look like a TDC car but hasn't finished the internals......below is a Tour De Corse 5 Turbo that attended a 30-year anniversary event, same mirrors, wheels and bumper but that is where the similarities end (no alloy roof for example!!):

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  11. jamesc

    jamesc Staff Member

    A little more work I have done or have had done to the car.....

    Ally radiator

    Exhaust (Devil type mentioned in the link above)


    A bit of crazing on the bumper there. Is it just me or is it not a good idea bolt a hot exhaust to a gearbox due to the heat....? With a metal bracket anyway.

    Replaced clutch master cylinder

    Rear wheel bearings

    Last edited: Feb 24, 2014
  12. jamesc

    jamesc Staff Member

    More work...

    Out with the old:

    Front shocks/torsion bars/arm

    Rear shocks & coil springs

    In with the new:

    Front coilovers

    Rear coilovers
    Last edited: May 24, 2016
  13. jamesc

    jamesc Staff Member

    The MSA don't like the coilovers..........at least in the standard classes:


    Apologies for the delay in replying.

    For a definitive decision you will need to contact the Eligibility Scrutineer for the championship you are entering, their details will be in the Championship regulations.

    The regulation states that “11.7.1. The suspension type and mountings must remain the same as that fitted by the vehicle manufacturer.” So you will need to prove to the eligibility Scrutineer that the suspension fitted to your vehicle is of the of the original type using the original mountings. Normally this would prevent changing a torsion bar to a coil spring unless it can be proven to have been available as original equipment.

    Best Regards"

    I'm pretty sure though this type of suspension was available as an option from Renault...I will find out!!
  14. fatroofer

    fatroofer Well-Known Member

    Coming along nicely mate, I really like the look of this car (even more so because of the colour!) you don't see many around!
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  15. jamesc

    jamesc Staff Member

    Cheers fella, maybe it's not exactly as the purists would like it but it's not just for hiding in the garage.....that is the plan anyway
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  16. fatroofer

    fatroofer Well-Known Member

    Coming along nicely mate, I really like the look of this car (even more so because of the colour!) you don't see many
    Good man! A car like this needs to be out and enjoyed! It would be a crime not to!!
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  17. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    LMAO :D

    Interesting to see that it shares front suspension setup with the lowly Fuego...looks very similar at least!
  18. jamesc

    jamesc Staff Member

    Looks like this matey, I didn't realise it was the same as the Fuego...loads of bits pinched from the 5 Gordini I knew that e.g. my steering rack!!



    Just about everthing in the second picture is missing now :)
    Last edited: May 24, 2016
  19. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    More similar, not identical. The front setup has the two wishbone things, and the shock and spring attach to the top one about halfway along.
  20. jamesc

    jamesc Staff Member

    My 5 orginally had double wishbones front and rear, with torsion bars at the front and coils at the back. So yes similar idea they are both called double wishbone set ups, I see what you mean:

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