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turborenault groupbuy

  1. andybond

    RS Tuning Mapping groupbuy

    We have teamed up again with RS TUNING again to offer you another groupbuy exclusive at We have been offered £50 off each map if we get 5 people on this list , or £100 off a map if we get 10 ! Pretty good going I reckon. These are the rules : Map MUST be done in...
  2. Charlie-R

    GROUPBUY Megane Exhaust Systems

    Hi guys, long time no forum We've been working on something for the past couple of months and we're finally bringing it to market. If you're after the best possible system for your Megane take a look at the link to our website and get in touch for more details, the write up is lengthy but...
  3. andybond

    RS Tuning GroupBuy II

    This is for a second groupbuy @ RS Tuning for maps. I have been offered £50 off each map if we get 5 people on this list , or £100 off a map if we get 10 ! Pretty good going I reckon. These are the rules : Map MUST be done in March Deposit MUST be paid over the phone to RS TUNING before end...
  4. andybond

    Quaife JB3/JC5 diff groupbuy

    All, For the item : Renault Clio Sport 172 / 182 / 5 Turbo (JB3 / JC5) Quaife ATB Helical LSD differential which will fit a JB3 / JC5. We have a MOQ of 10 on these to achieve the pricing below: £989 per diff , delivered to you in the UK. You must pay all paypal fees or send us £1024.02 This...
  5. L

    GROUPBUY: Mk1 PAS Rack Nylon Bushes

    Renault no longer supply one side of the mk1 Clio/Megane/19/5/Extra Van power assisted steering rack bushe. I have found an alternative made from nylon available from here: I have emailed the company and they are...
  6. andybond


    We can have £50 off the listed price if we get 5 people wanting a map. We can have £100 off the listed price if we get 10 people wanting a map Prices are as follows. Need to have you names down for initial interest, and a deposit paid once we can confirm that it will go ahead ! :) 225 / R26...
  7. andybond


    Guys , We have recently acquired a very useful contact for doing groupbuys on parts. These could be for the Megane , the clio , possibly the 5 GT The parts we can supply are things like powerflex bushes , pro alloy kit , diffs etc , but not rare items like ph1 5 GT Turbo grills ! What...
  8. andybond

    Groupbuy : Renault 5 GT turbo downpipes

    We are in the postion to have 10 downpipes built by our in house welding , tuning and building legend @Charlie-R The price has crept a little to £300. We need 10 to make this item go ahead. There is a 6-8 week lead after EVERYONE has paid on these. Would make a great Xmas present !
  9. andybond

    GROUPBUY : r26r megane ttv smf flywheel

    ttv smf flywheel + options £310 for ttv flywheel + £10 postage to uk , = £320 total £510 for ttv flywheel plus slave and clutch + £10 postage = £520 total please enquire for postage to foreign climes. Send funds to [email protected] You MUST cover all fees
  10. andybond

    BlackArt Graphics GROUPBUY

    We have managed to negotiate a discount with BlackArt Graphics and their amazing blueprint deisgns. We are looking at £95+shipping of £6.50. Usual price is £125 ! We will need a £25 deposit to make this happen. You wont find the 5 GT turbo on the site , we are working with them to make it...
  11. andybond

    Groupbuy : OMEX rev limiters

    Guys , Some poor soul had his engine expire at the weekend due to a stuck mat and lack of limiter. We are delighted to offer you guys a groupbuy for the OMEX single coil limiter. We can price them ( including postage ! ) at Single unit : £115 Five units : £95 Ten units : £90 We need...
  12. andybond

    GROUPBUY : Downpipes

    Morning / afternoon / evening TurboRenault have been in negotiations with a few companies and selected one to create a larger bore , single piece downpipe for your 5 GT Turbo This item will be a "all in one" downpipe in a similar style to the BMS pipes. No turbo to 90 degree elbow to...
  13. J

    Groupbuy hispec 4 breaksystem

    Hi guys, to make a long story short: couple months ago Hispec,Brembo and AP was contacted to build a breaksystem for the beloved 21's. Brembo and AP was out off the competition because off rediculous prices. Over 1500? for a bigbrake 4 pot conversion was over the top. Hispec was the only...
  14. L

    RS500 Style Intercooler and Spal Rad Fans/Brackets Groupbuy

    I've been in contact with Nigel at Carrera regarding an RS 500 style intercooler for the 21 turbo. The previous attempt for getting a group buy for these intercoolers can be read about on this thread. It never went ahead and I feel this was down to the cost of the cooler even after the...
  15. L

    Groupbuy - Jacquemin Tuning RS500 Style Intercooler

    I've been speaking to Sylvain at Jacquemin Tuning in France regarding their RS500 Stlye front mount intercoolers for the 21 turbo. The price for single unit is 605 euros (around £410), however with a group buy of 5 units this drops to 580 Euros (around £395) and with a group buy a 10 units...
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