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  1. Sam Fish

    Renault Sport Trackdays = Really great

    We went along to one of the Renault Sport organised trackdays yesterday at Rockingham. These are really great and Renault Sport do a great job! I'd thoroughly recommend attending these events. They are well run and the driving standards are very good. Friendly bunch of drivers in fairly...
  2. Big Steve - Raider

    [5 May, 2017] P.R.S (Picarde Renault Sport) & Sangliers Trackdays 2017 (Circuit de Clastres)

    Ladies & Gentlemen, I am proud to announce a new European Jolly in 2017 that will be held in conjunction with the P.R.S. (Picardie Renault Sport) and Sangliers clubs. They are holding a track-day WEEKEND at the Circuit des Clastres (120 Miles from Calais!) on 6th and 7th May 2017. The agenda...
  3. papps

    Modern Clio Cup Racer Geometry Specification (Mk3, 197, 200) 2016-02-14

    Includes:- Front & Rear Camber Toe Settings Spring Rates etc
  4. andybond

    Partner for trackdays

    Hi guys. We are talking to a trackday partner that has tracks in the northern regions. If we get 10 people on track we get a free place. We would raffle that off or auction it rather then take it as a freebie. As soon as they have signed up I'll introduce them.
  5. L


    trackdays at rockingham not cheap trackshow at rockingham free competition...
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