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  1. W

    5 gordini

    anybody in lincolnshire got a 5 gordini, want to poke my head under the bonnet to see what way the distributer faces, and if i could put a electronic one on mine, going to put old carb back on the 8s 1400 gordini engine, throwing the dellortos away driving me mad.
  2. L

    Trying to locate my old Gordini G5 1.4

    Hi All, I know it's a long shot but wanted to see if anyone can help me in trying to trace my old car - a Gordini 1.4 non-turbo - which went missing years ago. I've still got the log book and last MOT! When I checked with the DVLA it has not been registered since so I'm hoping that you guys can...
  3. GazzaR5

    Wanted Renault 5 Gordini parts

    Hi all, Been a while! Looking for a few parts to keep the old G5 going: Radiator new or used Window scrapers (Outside for both sides) Near side rear quarter panel. A full one if possible?! I know the rear panel is rare but if you don’t ask…….. Cheers all.
  4. M

    Wanted Renault 5 Gordini 385 Gearbox rebuild parts required

    Hi All, I am looking for someone to rebuild my R5 Gordini gearbox as I get a crunch when downshifting from 3 to 2. I am based in London and can travel to the right person. I have been informed that the parts required are now unavailable so any links to the parts or part numbers required would...
  5. Gordini Turbo Dave

    Sold My Renault 5 Gordini Turbo R122B

    I now need to sell my Gordini Turbo due to house move & unfortunately I don't have the time to oversee the final pieces of the restoration. She was MOT'd last week and passed. Engine re-built, body repaired & resprayed, new suspension bushes. All original. Still to complete are the door locks...
  6. I

    Wanted 5 Gordini Rear Calipers

    Has anybody got a pair of rear calipers for sale please? Or does anybody know what other model calipers are compatible? Thanks in advance. Ian
  7. JonnyGee

    5 mk1 gordini alpine etc car spares

    Where if any is supplying mk1 parts as might have bought myself a project and quite a few parts missing
  8. J

    For Sale Gordini turbo parts,interesting job lot on e bay up in Blythe.

    Interesting job lot of gordini parts on e bay
  9. R

    5 Mk I incl Gordini R5 Turbo Gordini Alpine Project

    Hi there Hoping someone here can help out with some advice. We (the royal we, my husband does all the hard work but not good with reading and computers) are restoring an 84 R5 Turbo Gordini / Alpine. We're needing a petrol tank and headlights and thanks to Brexit! EU sellers are telling us they...
  10. T

    5 Mk I incl Gordini Renault 5 Gordini ( Alpine ) Turbo renix

    Hello, so i have some problems with ignition module unit on my alpine, ist there any replacments for this unit? I have tryed to buy one off ebay it was also used and got faulty one -.-
  11. r5gordini

    For Sale My much-loved Renault 5 Gordini Turbo - FOR SALE!

    All. It is with a very heavy heart that I offer my Renault 5 Gordini Turbo for sale. I'm more gutted than I can say, but the time I never thought would come has arrived. It's definitely a project - there's currently a problem with the engine, which can hopefully be rectified fairly easily. For...
  12. S

    Gordini atmo still alive?

    Hi all, Was just hoping to see if my dads old R5 Gordini Atmo was still around? I remember it was Red body colour, beige interior, think it was 1980/81 on an X Reg. It had done 45k and just had full body restoration when he sold it a few years back. Wish I had bought it from him at the time but...
  13. rdstars

    Twingo Gordini Tce 100

    Two photos of as the car was advertised, obviously the seller glossed them up. Always audio first on any car. Stock Bluetooth head unit. JBL 6cs components ( twat fitting 6.5" in ) JBL 3ez three channel amp JBL GTO 8" subs x 2 in a box I built to go inbetween the pillars of a Vectra C (...
  14. Gordini Turbo Dave

    5 Mk I incl Gordini Gordini turbo nearly there

    Afternoon I am looking for help with some parts for my 5 which is almost ready for the MOT, after 14 years. On the door locks I need the plastic \ nylon ends on the door locks. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also on the heater matrix the valve which the wires attach to is seized solid and...
  15. Mark

    5 Mk I incl Gordini Gordini essential journey

    Had a blockage, no doubt it was an essential journey, took advantage of a crap situation..................
  16. GordiniTurbo5

    5 Mk I incl Gordini Renault 5 Gordini Turbo Project (off the road since 1990)

    New to this forum business. Said id give it a go as im looking for some help and informatiin along the way with this build. Some of you may be know this car.Basically as far as i know it was owned by an elderly person who passed away and it sat in a shed since 1990, (when it was last taxed). I...
  17. RichardfromHereford

    Wanted R5 atmo motor 1397cc

    Im looking for a complete r5 1397cc atmo motor.please message if you have one to sell.thanks
  18. P

    A777NWT Gordini Turbo

    Afternoon guys, hope all is well As the title really, A777NWT, is for sale at the moment and I intend to view it. By putting the reg into a search engine, I can see that it has some history on here, I'd like to hear if anybody has any information on it ? I met the chap who is selling at Santa...
  19. J

    Wanted Wanted for a Gordini turbo

    Any idea s of the part number for a top dead centre sensor for the above or where to get one..
  20. P

    Wanted Renault 5 Gordini/ Gordini Turbo

    As Title really, I'm familiar with the ones for sale at the moment (27/07/2019), but I was wondering if there were any members who were also thinking of selling ? If so I'd really appreciate it if you could contact me, either through PM or call/ message on 07968714320 Not looking to flip, or...
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