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The Turin Motor Show (Italian: Salone dell'Automobile di Torino) was an auto show held annually in Turin, Italy. The first official show took place between 21 and 24 April 1900, at the Castle of Valentino, becoming a permanent fixture in Turin from 1938 having shared it with Milan and Rome until that time. From 1972, the show was held bi-annually and in 1984, it moved into Fiat's shuttered Lingotto factory.
The event was last held in Turin in 2000 and cancelled from 2002, resulting in the Bologna Motor Show taking over the role of Italy's International Motor Show.
From 2015, Turin will again hold a Motor Show, albeit as an open-air festival to keep exhibitors' costs down and provide free access to the public. It will be held in the precinct of the Parco del Valentino.

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