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air temp sensor

  1. Sebsy11

    21 Turbo R21 Renix swap possible? Or custom sensors (mine are unavailable?)

    Hello All, Me yet again! As posted elsewhere, the coolant temp and air temp sensors for my car are PTC instead of the more usual NTC. The sensors are no longer made. I managed to acquire an old stock temp sensor - the only one for sale worldwide - but I have had absolutely no luck in sourcing...
  2. Sebsy11

    Wanted Renault 21 Renix air and coolant temp sensor supplier

    Hello. I'm looking for the correct type of air intake and coolant temperature sensors for our 1987 Renault 21 TXE. I used to get a good parts supply from Whitehouse Renault in Tunbridge Wells - they could get legacy stock in and could read chassis and oval plate numbers. But not sure they...
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