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21 turbo

The French Cosworth
  1. L

    J121KOR / DAZ4559 21 Turbo back on the road.

    Well the old 21, which was apparently sold last year and was to be broken for the gearbox, has this week been MOT'd. Any news of where it is? Nice to see it living again.
  2. K

    21 Turbo 21 Turbo help please?

    Does anyone have a pin out diagram for the 21 Turbo ecu, pretty please?
  3. S

    Wanted 21 Turbo quadra rear axle

    Hi I need the rear 21 turbo quadra axle like the photo. Dont need the diff , propshaft and transmissions. Regards Rex
  4. red

    Wanted Renault 21 Turbo Ph1 ignition coil wanted

    Used ignition coil for R21Turbo 2wd 1988 wanted. Or advise the new replacing part please (Bosh, NGK etc). Thanks
  5. 21turboNath

    21 Turbo 21 turbo diff seal

    Unfortunately after things where going so well, when knocking the new one in it decided to shit itself, the big question is has anyone got or know to a set for sale need them promptly so willing to travel. I just Can’t believe my luck
  6. la21t

    Wanted CLOTH 21 Turbo front seats

    As per title - long shot I know but really hoping someone can help? need both pls
  7. S

    Wanted Renault 21 turbo Quadra gearbox

    Hi Wanted a Renault 21 Turbo Quadra gearbox Thank you Rs
  8. plvehicles

    For Sale renault 21 turbo

    reluctant sale of the 21 turbo, this was a project i bought some years ago with the view to get this back on the road again but circumstances have now dictated otherwise. car was originally grey and has been painted white(could do with doing again really but isnt too bad) it had new tyres...
  9. Red21

    4 litre 21 turbo????????

    So who has got the 4litre 21 turbo then :eek: :search.gif:
  10. M

    21 Turbo phase 2 21 turbo clutch problem

    Just wondering if anyone can help... yesterday i could engage 1st gear and reverse , driving back and forth on my drive no problem after a long time time standing . Today I cant engage any gear at all ? I recall about 20 years ago on my phase 1 , a clutch linkage breaking , could it be the...
  11. jack11electronic

    Wanted 21 Turbo side skirt clips

    Hello, The 21 has just had new sill sections welded in at MarkFishMotorsport very grateful of the recommendation!...👍 Having quite a lot of trouble tracking down replacement side skirt fixing clips . 7703077238 . Found some on a Turkish site ,but yet to try & phone them.. a bit screwed so far...😔
  12. B

    Wanted Renault 21 turbo side window rubbers

    Hi everyone, I am trying to locate a set side window trim/seals for a 21 turbo. Could anyone tell we’re to buy them?
  13. andybond

    Anyone after a 21 turbo?
  14. J

    Wanted 21 turbo Quadra rear anti roll bar bushes

    Hi Anyone got any rear anti roll bar and drop link bushes for a 21 Quadra turbo please? Or can you tell me where I can buy some!! Thanks
  15. DaveL485

    For Sale Renault 21 bits for sale

    As pics, PM me for info as posted on behalf of a friend. Electric mirror, textured plastic so would need smoothing and painting, but it is brand new with glass. Phase 1 hydraulic clutch conversion kit with pedal RHD, offside Headlight with damage to casing, reflectors and glass...
  16. NathanH21

    For Sale Phase 1 21 Turbo project, full car with all parts. £700

    A sad decision but it needs a new home. The car was taken off the road to replace a cracked cylinder head due to coolant loss. I have since purchased and refurbished a lot of parts in preparation for reassembling the car. The engine was removed to repair a section of rust on the OF front...
  17. Turbjj

    Pouilly en Auxois, 30 years of the 21 Turbo phase 2

    Yesterday i spend some time with the french 21 Turbo club. The Meeting took place on the small circuit of Pouilly en Auxois.
  18. R

    Looking to trace H778 ABU

    I’m trying to trace a well loved Renault 21 T that my father-in-law owned an loved. Anyone know what happened to it? DVLA shows the tax ran out in 2006.
  19. ccfcbunce

    Wanted renault 21 turbo anti roll bar bush

    anyone have a set of anti roll bar bushes for 1992 renault 21 turbo x4 for the front thanks
  20. R

    Motor -27 June 1987 - Renault 21 Turbo - Citroen BX GTI 16v

    £7.99 End Date: 02-Apr 16:02 Buy It Now for only: US £7.99 Buy it now | Add to watch list
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