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Shock absorbers - any recommendations?

Discussion in 'Modifying' started by entwistlecymru, Oct 30, 2007.

Discuss Shock absorbers - any recommendations? in the Modifying area at TurboRenault.co.uk.

  1. entwistlecymru

    entwistlecymru Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have any recommendations for replacement shock absorbers on my Dini turbo road car? I've used Spax on a few other cars before (not Renaults) and have always been happy with them.

    I've got the option of:
    Spax adjustables at roughly £50ea
    Monroe gas - cheap!
    KYB gas - cheap!
    AVO adjustable at roughly £50ea

    The KYBs are not listed for Dinis but are for all others. How much difference is there in damping rates etc?

    AVO don't list the rears - are there any others that will fit or does anyone have a part number for them?

    The car is a road car but I want to give it a treat. What do you recommend?
  2. cliché guevara

    cliché guevara Well-Known Member

    How much are the Decarbon originals?They are a funky orange and have the Alpine Turbo decal on them.

    But if you have used Spax before and are happy then go with what you know.
  3. entwistlecymru

    entwistlecymru Well-Known Member

    I take it the DeCarbon's are from Renault themselves?

    The only thing I don't like about Spax at the moment is the price, seeing as I've blown all my spare cash on the car! KYBs are kinda in between Monroe and AVO/Spax pricewise so I may give them a go. I don't really need all those damper settings anyway.......I think.
  4. Hannu

    Hannu Well-Known Member

    I have AVO adjustables on the back of my Atmo rally car.

    From the AVO site:

    Renault 5 72>84 Front TE378 £52.50ea+vat Rear TE374 £52.50ea+vat

    Renault 5 Alpine / Turbo 76>83 Front TB705 £47.25ea+vat Rear TE374 £52.50ea+vat

    see http://www.avouk.com/pm/89
  5. phildini

    phildini Well-Known Member

    Cliche he uses wooden sticks instead of shocks. :?
  6. cliché guevara

    cliché guevara Well-Known Member

    Hey! Dont knock'em they work and they are Biodegradable.The Stix adjustables work well on the back,You've seen how the car took corners at Brands Hatch (see gallery!)
  7. entwistlecymru

    entwistlecymru Well-Known Member

    I was informed last night that Delphi have taken over the manufacturing rights for DeCarbon shocks. Apparently Renault now use Boge (they are OE fitment for loads of manufacturers) who have stopped making gas shocks for the R4/R5/Dini but still list oil filled jobbies - obviously not ideal.

    I know this would only really affect R4 rear shocks but because of the amount of suspension travel, the Boge shocks suck in air under 'enthusiastic' cornering therefore write themselves off after not a lot of miles.

    I'll try and get to the bottom of this Delphi rumour and get some prices for the different versions.
  8. cliché guevara

    cliché guevara Well-Known Member

    How enthusiastic is the wife when it comes to cornering?She may find it uncomfortable with stiffer shocks.Is the rear antiroll bar still fitted?
  9. entwistlecymru

    entwistlecymru Well-Known Member

    The rear roll bar is still there yeah. I would prefer std (DeCarbon) shocks but until last night I thought I'd have to be looking through the dealers which is why I hadn't mentioned them. Seeing as I can now apparently get them cheap I'll look into them.

    BTW it's my mother who will be using the car! She used to have a metro GTi so shes used to riding around on a roller skate.
  10. cliché guevara

    cliché guevara Well-Known Member

    Sorry,I didn't do my revision.Have a look at ebay.fr or the R5Alpine club to see if you can find some NOS DeCarbon ones.
  11. phildini

    phildini Well-Known Member

    I can confirm that Delphi they do the DeCarbon shocks I have two brand new sets for my Atmo project. :wink:
  12. tarquini

    tarquini Well-Known Member

    Hey Phil, searched through posts for shocks and see you got a set of new decarbon for your atmo project. Can you remember who you ordered them through?
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