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Saving another 5 from being turned into a coke can

Discussion in 'Renault 5 GT Turbo' started by j_carter, Dec 4, 2014.

Discuss Saving another 5 from being turned into a coke can in the Renault 5 GT Turbo area at TurboRenault.co.uk.

  1. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member

    sorry for my delayed reply. yes i can get measurements and more pictures on saturday. this sounds very promising? many thanks..
  2. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member













    Just a wet sand to go when the lacquer has fully hardened and then i can start bolting bits too it... after several thousands of hours cleaning the parts first!
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  3. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    Looks great, you must be well pleased!
  4. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member

    Don't get me wrong it wanted another days worth of prep to get it mint but yes I'm well chuffed with it.
  5. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Looks impressive in the pics !
  6. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

  7. Red21

    Red21 Well-Known Member

    Any further news on this?
  8. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the delay, i have attached another PDF with several measurements, A couple appear to be missing from when i converted it to a PDF file and cant seem to get them back... but for any measurements missing use the assumption - 22mm overall by 7mm width with 4mm height. and im confident they would fit. take a look at the PDF and see what you can come up with and let me know if you really require the othere measurements and ill try and sort it out..

    Many thanks for your time on this @Red21@Red21

    Attached Files:

  9. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member

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  10. Red21

    Red21 Well-Known Member

    I`ll see what I come up with over the weekend
  11. Red21

    Red21 Well-Known Member

    I have done a PDF of some terminals for you, a couple are still subject to connector block style.
    You should be obtainable through your local Renault dealer with the part numbers supplied, I will also have a look through my collection of bits n pieces when I find the blooming box in the loft.

    Attached Files:

  12. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member

    You sir are a legend, i will phone renault tomorrow and let you know how i get on. Thanks for your time on this, really appreciate it.
  13. Big Steve - Raider

    Big Steve - Raider Staff Member

    WOW! Great addition to the site @Red21@Red21!!! Thank you! :)

    @andybond@andybond & @DaveL485@DaveL485 - This should go into the guides :)
  14. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member

    Once i have completed the rewire @Big Steve - Raider@Big Steve - Raider i will be doing a full write up of what size cable's and all parts used and what crimp tools etc for the guides section also.
  15. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

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  16. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member

    Hello.. I haven't phoned renault yet, been a bit preoccupied and didn't even think about it until i looked on here.. job for tomorrow..

    Had a week off work this week with my main aim being to get this on its wheels!

    So a trip to CGB to get some parts and friday night all come good..

    Was going to send the coilies off for refurb, but all the seals and struts look pretty mint so didn't bother. just wire wheeled them and come up rather good, will give them another going over when i get a new wire wheel. Changed the top strut bearings for new and my mate has give me some poly donuts so need to get the coilies back off and change them out..



    Stripped all this little lot down and painted satin black and fitted..






    Stripped these down, popped the pistons out to check condition and they were in great condition, even all the seals are in good condition..


    and wallah..





    So it has had new discs and pads all round, poly bushed anti roll bar, and soon to be top mounts. i have done a refurb of the steering rack with the kit that CGB do. new wheel bearings. next on the list is to fit the new handbrake cables and the rear brakes (got to get a rubber boot for one as it is perished) then fit new brake lines and then fit the engine..

    fingers crossed my next update will be the engine in.. not going to rebuild it. just going to paint it up, fit it and abuse it and then maybe a rebuild over next winter.

    cheers [​IMG]

    EDIT: Please note all the bolts in these pictures were not tight and temporary. have now changed most the bolts to shiny ones and tightened up.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2015
  17. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    great update, good to see another being saved
  18. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate
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  19. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    There is some dedication here !
  20. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member

    If the old girl was not in my Mrs's nans garage it wouldn't be this far along, its only the fact she wants it out of her garage. which does mean im not paying as much attention to detail as i would like, but there is always next winter for that..
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