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Saving another 5 from being turned into a coke can

Discussion in 'Renault 5 GT Turbo' started by j_carter, Dec 4, 2014.

Discuss Saving another 5 from being turned into a coke can in the Renault 5 GT Turbo area at TurboRenault.co.uk.

  1. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member

    Hi All,
    Seen alot of members on here from another well known renault turbo club so thought i would sign up and show you my project.

    Copied and pasted from said other forum.

    firstly a bit of background on myself.

    Some of you may remember my clio on which i put a renault 5 GTT engine in, i used it as my daily for two years. we had our ups and downs but to be honest, mostly ups. was great fun but i started needing a car to do more miles in so i took this off the road with every intention of getting it resprayed etc, anyway i bought a peugeot 306 gti6 and used it for a few months, i then got a new job which came with a company car. crunch time, do i keep the 306 and make a turbo project with it, or carry on with the clio.. love was low with the clio at this point so that got sold and the 306 went into the garage. spent some coin on suspension on it then realised its really not for me, just did not enjoy driving it enough to make it into my toy.. so i soon sold it on.

    I had the itch to do a resto job and the only thing that seemed suitable for me was a 5 so started asking about on facebook, then somebody on the rtoc fb page got in touch with something that sounded ideal for me.. Car was in need of alot of bodywork tlc but it was already stripped down bare and come with a nice list of goodies, so friday just gone i went to pick it up.

    heres a few pictures the guy sent me of it on his drive (genuine nice/honest guy who is a member of rtoc)




    All went fairly well with the pick up, 2.5 hour drive up to get it but you wouldn't believe how heavy a rotten renault 5 shell is as we had to lift it on to the trailer..

    Anyway, all home now and saturday evening work began.

    My garage full of parts

    I have been lucky enough to be able to store the car at my girlfriends nans as to be honest i didnt really think it through how much space i would actually need.

    The dreaded rust pictures.


    you can see in this picture the surround has previously been badly repaired with filler.



    So my first priorities are to get the underneath clean, treated and painted so i can think about getting it back on the wheels to make it easier to work around, so a trip to halfords/wickes


    Absolutely coated the whole engine bay and underneath in the hammerite rust remover and i had about half an hour with the wire wheel attachment in the drill, many more hours of brushing left but its heading in the right direction.

    Before and durings as its far from finished.



    I have started getting rid of all the sealent from the engine bay as i can not stand the stuff, i think it looks terrible, i will put some more on but in a much better fashion and make it less of a water trap!








    So next on the list is getting a replacement inner arch and windscreen repair panel and getting them welded in,

    Anybody selling a mig welder? [​IMG]

    The spec list of the engine is as follows and i have the reciepts and have also checked to back up what was sold to me..

    Piper 285 cam shaft
    Piper updated valve springs
    Gdi lightened flywheel
    Gdi gas flowed head
    Gdi up rated clutch ( Valeo type)
    Head skim
    Updated head bolts 12.9nm
    T3 turbo
    Braided turbo feed hose
    2.5 turbo downpipe
    Re-bored turbo elbow
    Oil pump stripped uprated new internals
    New timing belt & tensioner big end main and thrust bearings replaced
    Full bottom end set
    Knife edged crank
    Group a dump valve
    New water pump
    Turbo manifold stainless steel gasket
    Turbo elbow stainless steel gasket
    Uprated copper head gasket
    Carburettor copper gasket
    Under bonnet bleed valve fed into car adjustable boost
    Ktr alloy carb elbow
    Full Samco silicone hoses all over
    Induction kit
    Alloy oil seperator
    Polished alloy water swirl tank
    Ktr side exit exhaust
    Uprated copper core radiator
    Oil cooler
    Low temp fan switch
    Low temp thermostat
    Magnecore leads
    Aquamist water injection race pump (es1)
    Ktr power system group a carb
    Omex rev limiter
    Pace twin inter cooler system secondry inter cooler ice blue water cooled 1st inter cooler has water sprayed into

    As said with spec lists when buying cars i usually take with a pinch of salt but everything so far appears genuine with reciepts and my own looking to back up what ive been sold.

    So this is where im at with her, i am a complete novice with this sort of work so any feedback/advice good or bad is totally appreciated, i am not sure what route im going with it to be honest but it certainly wont be OEM, i dont have the patience for that [​IMG]

    Hopefully have another update by the end of the weekend.

    Thanks for looking.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member

    Cracked on a bit today, I say a bit, spent about 9 hours in the garage and didn't seem to get very far at all [​IMG]

    Started wire wheeling the engine bay to get what looks like emulsion off that has been put all over the bay, also started getting rid of more sealer, everywhere i take the sealer off there is rust patches, mostly surface rust but i have found a few more holes.

    I'd recommend anyone doing a resto job on a 5 getting as much as the sealer off as possible to check behind it.

    a few pictures of the bay, still far from finished.



    The following picture does show that its come a far way to when i started..


    I then had another go on the floor pan, for some reason there is like a thick gloopy substance, probably a mixture of oil and underseal, im not going mental with it but trying to get as much off as possible so the new underseal will stick..





    Will put in another shift tomorrow and hopefully get the floor pan ready for paint, hours of paint thinning and scraping to go.

    I have also ordered a replacement windscreen surround and inner arch so when the floor pan is done and most of the engine bay i will be making a start on preparing to get the new panels in.

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  3. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member

    Regarding the thick gloopy substance... i scraped it all of and cleaned it with white spirits, i have now re sealed it with the hammerite underseal with added waxoyl and i believe that is what the stuff was that was on it, it is bitumen based so a real good underseal but a nightmare if you want to get it off. in hindsight if i knew it was that that was on i would of left it alone.

    Done some more work on the engine bay, started to get a little bit angry with it as nothing seems to line up and both sides are different due to previous repairs etc. looks like 1) the car has had some impact on the front and 2) there has been some sort of repair panel put on the passenger side, its not too bad but far from perfect, how far do you go? i thought about just chopping the front end off to be honest i just dont have the time to do it, and looking back at previous pictures all the panels and lights seemed to line up pretty well. so i had ago at repairing some bits best I can..

    So this whole piece is bent, so i drilled it off, without a spot weld drill so just did the best i could..




    As you can see from the following picture the whole cross piece is bent, so cut some grooves in to help me re shape the metal work, this is a picture after the plate has been removed and straightened and then placed back on to see how far the cross piece is out.




    I have no idea what im doing selfie..



    and then this is how it lined up after a couple of hours messing about.


    once i have welded up the slits i have cut i will reshape the rest just to make it look pretty.

    I then cracked on with cleaning the loose stuff from wheel arches and underneath and started flatting back the engine bay..








    Then i got some underseal on the car and started etch primering the engine bay.






    So i think i am just going to ignore the bad lining up issues, get plenty of high build primer on the bay and just go with it to be honest. Should be picking my repair panels up end of the week and am currently on the look out to buy a decent second hand welder and then the real fun will begin.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 4, 2014
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  4. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member

    Anyway i have done abit on the car. brought a new welder and had a go, come to the conclusion that i really have no idea what i am doing to be honest. really struggled the last few days and made some monumental cock up's.

    My biggest nightmare was getting the outer windscreen panel off my new repair panel that i purchased. almost phoned the scrap man several times and to be honest i have butchered it abit so there will plenty of holes to weld up and metal to straighten when it comes to fitting it.

    Few pictures.. apologies for the quality. using my phone as i have lost my camera.

    New panels to replace my rotten ones.


    Got the windscreen out and took more pictures of the rust.




    New welder from machine mart..



    Refitted the plate and welded up the cuts i made in the cross member.



    Burnt through my shoe/sock and straight on to foot. i wasnt happy..


    Then just started to weld up some holes that re in the bay that wont be being used just to make it look abit more fresh when its done and for some welding practice..




    And then i started removing the windscreen panel..



    Bit stuck at the minute as i need my doors off to carry on, problem is where it is i cant open them to remove them, i have no idea what im going to do with this at the minute.... so i cracked on butchering off the outer from the repair panel i picked up.


    Didnt get any pics of it during as stress levels were high, got some serious fettling and welding to do when i manage to get the other one off.

    That is how i left it tonight. might get a few more hours in tomorrow but loosing interest fast just because of lack of experience of doing this type of thing and i like to try and get things as close to perfect as near dammit and i just don't have the skills to get it perfect. im hoping a combination of bad welding and good linishing will see me right though.

    This is where i am at as of now. will be doing more the weekend and hopefully have my windscreen surround in.

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  5. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Project looks great fella ! Some proper work going on there !
  6. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    Feck me that's a resto and a half, good work buddy
  7. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    What a mission! Props to you for sticking with it.... lots of work to do there!
  8. Big Steve - Raider

    Big Steve - Raider Staff Member

    Welcome to TurboRenault @j_carter@j_carter from that "other site" :grin.gif:

    Fair play to you for getting proper stuck into that 5. i'm sure you will learn to become very proficcient with that welder :friends.gif:

    I look forwards to reading more about your work (y)
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  9. Jimmy 5

    Jimmy 5 Well-Known Member

    I thought mine was bad - but this ones a completely different level.

    Top work your doing though. You've nearly caught me up and i've been working on mine two years
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  10. Big Steve - Raider

    Big Steve - Raider Staff Member

    Well chop chop then @Jimmy 5@Jimmy 5, 30yr anniversary next year and there aren't enough Silver GTT's (i love the Silvers....)
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  11. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member

    Thanks alot for the comments, genuinely gives me more motivation!

    Been a busy boy today but wont ramble on and will let the pictures do most of the talking.

    Started the day off moving the car so i could get the doors off, what a barrel of laughs that was..


    Windscreen surround off and the remaining lip was linished to make it all nice and flat and ensure no rot..



    Didnt realise there was cable's running down the pillars.. oops.



    Zinc primered eveything that will be unseen.


    And the new tacked in


    Then got the inner arch chopped out..


    Found some more rot on the chasis leg so had to get that chopped out


    And this is pretty much how is left tonight


    Going to crack on tomorrow and hopefully get most of the welding done.

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  12. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Crumbs ! I bet that took some right manoeuvring !
  13. Big Steve - Raider

    Big Steve - Raider Staff Member

    Wow, thats some pretty hardcore facricating youre doing there matey! Its giving me the courage to tackle a few spots on my 11 Turbo! :grin.gif:

    Keep up the good work! :drinks.gif:
  14. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    Welding these things is a fricking mare cos the metal is so thin. Blows holes in it all the time. Brave man!
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  15. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the comments guys.

    I have been sitting looking at it for many hours of the last couple of weekends with a cup of tea and cigarette thinking "im phoning the scrap man" but i didnt and i guess it is starting to come good now.

    so i have Done abit more on this last couple of weekends, i reckon i have spent around 50 hours on getting my new surround and inner arch in. its been a nightmare to be honest. its like welding a tin can.

    anyway a few pictures.

    Got the rotten part of the chasis leg welded in.


    Inner arch in and welded ready for grinding back..



    Wing on to make sure everything lined up ok, and to my surprise.. it did.


    Then started to put a skim of filler across every weld just to make sure there are not any gaps in the welds etc, will be sanding the filler right back so it really will be just a small amount.



    Then decided to chop the rot out of the panel underneath the passenger headlight, please excuse the welds, i had an absolute mare doing this because the front cross member was in my way to lay decent welds. had to put two skins in as you can see in the picture. still got to grind this back and make it look prettier.


    Also filled a few more of the holes in the firewall, will be filling all of these in and then re drilling any i need, as i need them as there is far too many and most of them look like somebody has chewed them out with their teeth.


    Next picture may be frowned upon by most...

    I am going to fill all of the lines in the engine bay to make a cleaner look. once again using minimal filler and making sure it is sealed properly. going to get rid of the join on the top of the turrets also.


    And thats about it for now. just got to clean a few welds up get the rest of the holes filled in and then on to the next bit of rot [​IMG]

    Any feedback appreciated,

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  16. fatroofer

    fatroofer Well-Known Member

    Wow!! Fantastic work fella! It's definitely past the point where it's worth giving up now! You've done so much that it'd be just wrong if this never saw the road! Keep up the great work along with the updates! Looks like it's gonna be a tidy 5! :i-m_so_happy.gif:
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  17. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member

    Thank you. Its alot more time consuming than i anticipated even with the help of a good friend but now the hard bits are done i am starting to enjoy it again.
  18. gtmatt

    gtmatt Well-Known Member

    Wow keep at mate u r doing a grand job it will pay off in the end
  19. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    When you're in so far the only choice is to keep going.

    (The only reason half of us are still here lol)
    j_carter likes this.
  20. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member

    Yeah I agree, think it was quite an ambitious challenge for a novice. But as I said, the hardest parts are done now so I'll stop moaning.. For now
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