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Modern Megane 225/R26 basic modification guide

Megane 225/R26 basic modification guide

  1. andybond
    I hope this guide will become useful. If you spot any glaring errors or omissions let me know. Likewise , if you want to assist let me know. This guide is meant to be just that , a guide. Its designed to dispel some of the tuner BS that floats...
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Recent Reviews

  1. Eder
    Great guide! Important steps to follow.
  2. eddie knocker
    eddie knocker
    First concise all in one guide I've found.
  3. Big Steve - Raider
    Big Steve - Raider
    Great read!
    1. andybond
      Author's Response
      Thanks Steve !
  4. roland rat
    roland rat
    Good review from someone who knows a bit about what's going on
    1. andybond
      Author's Response
      Thanks , and appreciate the feedback !