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Modern Injector changing meg 225/r26 2015-01-28

Injector changing meg 225/r26

  1. andybond
    PDF version available to download , see above. Thanks to Joe r26 for this

    Just removed my injectors for cleaning, so I thought I'd make a quick guide for others. Its a fairly straight forward job that most should be able to carry out with basic tools and should take no longer than 30 minutes.

    Tools I used...
    7mm, 8mm,10mm sockets
    8mm ratchet spanner
    Flat head screw driver

    Firstly I removed the engine cover. You may want to disconnect your battery that's entirely upto you.
    [​IMG]IMG_1446 byJoeRS182, on Flickr

    You need to remove the black bracket held on by two 10mm bolts as well as the black plastic connector on the inlet which has a push button on it. Push the button and pull the connector off and push the pipe out of the way being gentle as its not very flexible.
    [​IMG]IMG_1447 byJoeRS182, on Flickr
    [​IMG]IMG_1451 byJoeRS182, on Flickr

    I also moved the top boost pipe, to make access easier. Although I imagine it can be done without moving this. Undo the top jubilee clip (7mm usually), 10mm bolt at the top of the boost pipe which secures the pipe to the cam cover, and also the 10mm bolt which fixes the pipe to the inlet manifold as seen in the pics below.
    [​IMG]IMG_1453 byJoeRS182, on Flickr
    [​IMG]IMG_1455 byJoeRS182, on Flickr

    I removed this piece of trim to gain better access to the bottom jubilee clip. Remove them lovely twist and pull plastic clips.
    [​IMG]IMG_1457 byJoeRS182, on Flickr

    Bottom jubilee clip.. Just slacken this as you don't need to remove the pipe fully.
    [​IMG]IMG_1458 byJoeRS182, on Flickr

    Pull pipe out of top joiner and move out the way like so...
    [​IMG]IMG_1459 byJoeRS182, on Flickr

    Unclip this sensor by lifting the plastic tab, mine was stubborn so persuaded it out with a flat head screw driver
    [​IMG]IMG_1460 byJoeRS182, on Flickr

    Same goes for the lambda sensor
    [​IMG]IMG_1461 byJoeRS182, on Flickr

    Also unclip this breather pipe from the inlet, same principle as the one before. Just twist it out the way.
    [​IMG]IMG_1463 byJoeRS182, on Flickr

    Next disconnect the four connectors from the injectors. Push the metal bit in and pull. Use a flat head screw driver to push metal bit in if access is hard.
    [​IMG]IMG_1462 byJoeRS182, on Flickr

    Once all connectors are free, you can now move the wiring loom out the way.
    [​IMG]IMG_1464 by JoeRS182, on Flickr

    Get a rag handy as this connector is the fuel feed to the injector rail, you will get a small amount of petrol come out when you disconnect this. Push the green buttons in either side and gently pull off the rail, catching any spillages.
    [​IMG]IMG_1466 by JoeRS182, on Flickr
    [​IMG]IMG_1468 by JoeRS182, on Flickr

    Next undo the two 8mm bolts holding the rail on. 1/4 ratchet with an 8mm socket will get them loosened, then use 8mm ratchet spanner to get them right out if access is tight.
    [​IMG]IMG_1470 by JoeRS182, on Flickr
    [​IMG]IMG_1471 by JoeRS182, on Flickr

    You are now ready to remove the rail/injectors. Gently work the rail out, should come out fairly easy.
    [​IMG]IMG_1472 byJoeRS182, on Flickr

    Now to remove the injectors.. lift the metal tab so it can pass the plastic on the rail and twist the injector so the little metal tabs either side twist round passed the plastic shoulders on the rail then you should be able to gently pull the injector free from the rail. Might take a wiggle as the rubber seal is a tight fit.

    [​IMG]IMG_1476 by JoeRS182, on Flickr

    I took my injectors to my local ASNU technician to clean my injectors at the cost of £15 an injector.

    That's it. Job done. Refitting is the reversal of removal obviously. I put a smear of engine oil over the o rings before reinstalling as it makes the injectors easier to slot in and doesn't pinch the o rings. Hope this guide helps. I do not take any responsibility for any damage you may do to your car whilst following this guide