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Renault 5 Gordini Forum

Discussion in 'Website feedback and problems' started by malcolm, Mar 5, 2015.

Discuss Renault 5 Gordini Forum in the Website feedback and problems area at TurboRenault.co.uk.

  1. malcolm

    malcolm Well-Known Member

    Can we have the R5 Gordini forum back? I know replies were sometimes a bit slow but it's a shame for the whole thing to be imported in here and then locked so we can't use it any more.

    I know I can start a new thread about the latest tiny little thing I've done but I think that would make for a stupid thread. So I don't bother starting new thread. I would update the existing thread but it is locked.

    Can we have the forum back in some way? Why not throw the whole lot into the classic section (preferably with a distinction between the Mk 1 Renault 4 based cars and the Mk2 Renault 9 based cars) and have it open for replies? Failing that @r5gordini@r5gordini I would be delighted to host it on the renault4.co.uk forum and keep the dream alive.
  2. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    We archived it because on the most part its redundant data, though still useable and searchable as a resource.
    Any thread you want resurrecting to live, please feel free to PM me or one of the other mods a link and we will bring it back to the appropriate forum.

    We created these archives to try and improve resolution and cut down the amount of live forums, it seemed the right way to go and that seems to be the consensus of opinion, having only one complaint (this one).
    Anyone who thinks otherwise though please feel free to cast opinion :)

    Thanks for the feedback :D
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  3. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Hi @malcolm@malcolm

    Which thread is it ? I can quite easily move it into an active area.

    The idea behind archiving the old sections was to simply give you guys a focus point going forward. It seems a little daft having an expanded section that is effectivly duplicate content when we can keep the info and pick the threads out that need doing so.

    This was always the idea , give someone a shout on the thread that needs resurrecting and it can happen.
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  4. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

  5. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    Jinx! =D

    @r5gordini@r5gordini any thoughts [email protected] we did consult with Andrew on the changes (he is also a mod who can edit and resurrect)
  6. read6737

    read6737 Well-Known Member

    I enjoyed the R5GORDINI site as well,
    easy to find what you were after,
    I find it hard to do that now, both on this site and
    on the old one I just end upobeing redirected here,
    then HAVING to log in to look around.
    Dont get me wron, this site is quite active
    but not R5gordini ease of use and flow.
    Also i have an eyesight problem and the site does not
    work as well as it could with a Mac uning its zoom tools
    as things staet to jump aroung and overlap.
    And grey on white is hard to read.
    I fing that the R5 part is just tucked away and is a little lost
    among the other cars.
    Lost thing I am only in to R5s, and not the GTTs.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2015
  7. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    There is a tick box to keep you logged in. Will save you having to log in.
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  8. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    The text colour grey on white ? I only ask as I can change it for you if needed. I really dont mind and just want to help
  9. r5gordini

    r5gordini Moderator

    I see both sides of the (I hesitate to call it such) argument. The sections of the R5Gordini forum were useful because they allowed us to split up the various posts by topic - modifying, general repairs, etc. and they were only targeted to the Mk I 5.

    I think we could try resurrecting the parts of the forum that make sense, and move them to a higher level so as to reduce the number of clicks to browse to them. I think the only section that needs reopening would be this one:
    Renault 5 1972-84


    I would propose re-instating that one sub forum. It contains sections on troubleshooting and repair, modifying, general and eBay alerts.
    The challenge is that it doesn't fit so nicely within the structure of the rest of the site... So we would need to work out where/how it could be fitted in.


  10. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    i could see it going into the classic section?
  11. read6737

    read6737 Well-Known Member

    OK dont get me wrong about this site,
    I do visit many times a day, I just find it hard to separate topic areas from one another, such a R5gordini did. It would be great if R6gordini was fully intergrated into the site,
    with full easy surch access to its posts,
    sort of a site with in a site.
    It is good to have this site, keeping the renault turbos and others together,

    responce to questions.
    Yes I can stay loged in and I know how to.
    With R5gorgini you could visit with out loging in.
    Most of my visits are just to look at new posts.
    so I dont want to have to log in. only if I wish to post.
    I find that even if I have ticked keep me logged in that if I am inactive on the site fore a time it logs me out.
    No cookies are kept on my Mac from session to session.
    They only stay on for the time firefox is open.

    People with certain eye sight problems fing it hard to see pale colours on white or other pale pages, contrast is inprtant. Sharp fonts not too thick/fat and not too thin/fine, or too small.
    The New Threads listings is an example of that.

    Using the brouser zoom causes click boxes and boxed areas to move on top of each other, new posts and threads on the right of the page suddenly jump to the bottom of the page,
    If the grey in new listings was changed to black then I would need less zoom and the box would not junp to the bottom of the page.
    I hope that this is as clear as mud.
  12. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    I would be happy to work with you on the eyesight thing and create a new skin for you ( a new look just for you ) if it helps you in any way.

    Regarding the looking without logging in what we are doing is trying to encourage people to register.

    Is your browser is private mode ? do you do this by design ? that will be why we are being logged out
  13. read6737

    read6737 Well-Known Member

    Private brosing mode is not in use,
    all 3rd party cookies accepted till firefox is closed.
    All other sites do keep me loggged on.

    getting rid of light grey would be brill.
    as for a complete new skin, as yet not necessary.


    Andrews sugestions would be good.
  14. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    That better?
  15. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    I cant reproduce this issue. Are you defiantly checking the option for keep me logged in when you are signing in ?

    What timezone are you in ?

    Does it happen after a period of time ( if you leave the window open ? )

    What firefox version are you on ?
  16. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Could you also try deleting this sites cookie for me ?
  17. read6737

    read6737 Well-Known Member

    Firefox 36.0.1
    Yes I do check the bow.
    I am in France so 1 hr ahead.
    If I keep the window open all OK
    if it is closed then it logs me out after a time.
    But this is not realy an issue.
    It is just being able to visit look aroung with out logging in.
    What grey am I looking at?

    Cookies deleted and re opened site.
  18. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Thanks , Ill look into any fixes. If you use Safari does it happen ? I am trying to work out if its a safari thing , a cookie timeout thing , or something else.

    I have changed the text from grey to black for you.
  19. malcolm

    malcolm Well-Known Member

    That sounds like an excellent idea. Would the classics section be a good place? There is currently a Renault 5 section in there but it is dominated by the Mk2. How about renaming that the Renault 5 Mk2 section and adding a Renault 5 Mk1 section?

    The forum logs you out if you log in to the www. version then click a link to the version without the www. Could be fixed by deciding whether you want www in the address or not, then putting a redirect from one to the other in .htaccess.
  20. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Good spot ! .htaccess now changed.

    I can do that. Any input other people ?
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2015
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