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For Sale Renault 21 Turbo (phase 1)

Discussion in 'Cars for sale and wanted' started by VytautasB, Oct 19, 2017.

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  1. VytautasB

    VytautasB New Member


    we got here in Lithuania two Renault 21 Turbo phase one for sale. One is black, another one is white. Both FWD.

    First about black one.

    The car is in garage for about 5 years. The last time we started and drove it was 2 years ago. Black car,black lether saloon,the body has got rust and the front bumper is in bad condition. Price is about 3500eur. The price includes a lot of parts such as second 2.0 turbo engine (sorry,there ar no turbo), a lot of body parts and R21 turbo body, and I don't remember but yes - a lot of parts.One hand in Lithuania. City - Kaunas

    The white one.

    It was French police car. The body is in very good condition. It was repainted some years ago. No rusts. It has got Lithuanian inspection (MOT,TUV). Never seen winter. One hand in Lithuania. There are no parts including in the price,just a car. The biggiest minus is that front isn't original. The lamps, blinkers,grill is from stock R21 and the bumper...you see in the pictures. About 4500 eur. City - Panevezys

    You can contact with me in PM,comments or [email protected]

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